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The Video Blog

23.07.2012 (10:52 am) – Filed under: Blog Trends

The world today has changed completely. With the advancement of the new technology, things do change day after day. There are plenty of technological devices and gadgets that we come across and use in our daily lives. Currently, almost every adult has a mobile phone. What is even more amazing is that the mobile phones that we have nowadays have very advanced features. Most of the mobile phones can be used to take pictures and videos and again even upload the pictures directly to the internet. It is such technological advancements and gadgets that have led to the emergence and growth of Vlogs.

These video blogs or Vlogs are much similar to the normal text blogs. In fact, in the past years, both used to be referred to as podcasts but nowadays there is clear distinction between text blogs and Vlogs. The main difference between these two is that in Vlogs, pictures and videos are used as opposed to text blogs where texts are used. However, it is of importance to know that both the text blogs and the Vlogs serve the same purposes of interacting and sharing information among people. It is up to an individual to decide whether to go for blogs or Vlogs.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Vlogs

It is very true that Vlogs have very many advantages over text blogs. Many people find it easy to deal and interact with pictures and videos much more easily than texts. Times texts are boring and tedious to read. On the other hand, videos are more appealing to the eye and interesting to watch. Thus, most people would enjoy interacting and sharing there opinions through Vlogs.

However, on the contrary, Vlogs also have there own disadvantages. For a server, video blogs would require more space and more time to upload. Unlike text blogs where it is almost instant to upload an article, for a video, it would take an average of about half an hour to upload it. For the viewers; videos may take some time before they load and start to play. In case one has poor internet connection, this might take so long and make one to give up and leave.

Hosting one’s own webpage the comfortable way

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Since the internet dominates our very ways of life, every company nowadays has its own webpage. It is the easiest and most convenient way to get in touch with customers and to sell ones products. Since a webpage is accessible from every technical device that is able to browse the internet, potential customers can surf the web not only from their desktop PCs but also from smartphones and mobiles. An interesting phenomenon over the last few years has been the growing number of private websites which people conduct for different reasons. Some use it as a virtual diary while others like to inform friends and family members about what is going on in their lives. Therefore they write little articles and put pictures and video clips on their sites to allow people to share their experiences. more »

Tumblr and Blogging

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With blogging developing at a rapid pace, Tumblr a platform for short form blog opened up. It is termed as microblogging. The platform provides the individual to post short text, quotes, links, audio and video plus images. It can be an open link or it can be made private. Irrespective of the content or type it is very easy to use. It is used to promote product and services in a more effective way as its content is small. Marketers find the platform quite economical also. Since it able to provide the content to private audience, live updates can be posted very easily.


Blog when launched was conceived as a website platform primarily for individual. However within a very short period individual privacy got diluted as more commercial and social network tools got interlinked. At that juncture the creation of Tumblr got a reception to fill up the vacuum. This smaller format opened up at the right time. It was short, easy, and at the same time had very good interface with all other tools in the social network including mobile Tumblr. It retained the privacy of individual completely. In fact, what blog was envisaged to be Tumblr eventually replaced or took over the place.


However, some security concerns are yet to be fully taken care. Since it is about individual privacy, the security of the platform for the user should be complete. Otherwise, the development it has made and appreciation it has earned is noteworthy. The year’s from2008 to 2010 is considered very significant for Tumblr. During this time number awards and appreciative honors were received by Tumblr. It has made very fast progress and many are very eager to make total switch to this platform from blog. The course it will take in future it is still not clear.

Posterous and Development

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Posters in real life are a very effective tool that media use. Blogs are acquiring a premium status for sharing and informing. More and more people are being involved in the network. If a poster is posted it has good impact. Posterous is a blogging platform for using the poster format. This site has the interlinking facility with other social information tools like Facebook or Twitter. Like the blog, the site is able to offer any one update or modify. Online posters can be uploaded in the site from email of an individual. The platform is another avenue to express using another tool.


Posterous is a site for blogging in poster format. The advantage is that there is no set method or standard for the poster that can be posted for individual. It can be a photo or a hand drawn picture or a printed large poster. However, it can be posted on the site in many ways. They are all advanced methods available including mobile phones. Since Posterous pertains to website and internet, it is no wonder that it is developing very fast. The world market has been integrated. The opportunity for online poster is absolute and scope is unlimited. Users of Posterous account can use their own domain name in site that is Posterous site.

Future Propect

Posterous which was launched in 2008 has developed at very fast pace. It now provides posting posters directly through email. It has already launched iPhone application, number of models for Android. This list of options continues to grow. There some problems in some of the posting regarding the spoofing. Unwanted posters or not genuine users using the facility are yet to be fully sorted out. Developments that have been brought about by posters are tremendous. So much so one cannot really predict the future but positively it will be much advanced. and Trends in Blog Post

13.04.2011 (9:27 am) – Filed under: Blog Trends is a publishing service platform that allows posting private and group users. It is a service which ensures to have similar to one Individual website format is considered to be blog. Creation of blog is for different purpose. It can be for just posting opinions, comments or forum of a few. It can be also used for earning extra money. The facility is numerous. Initially it was a straight case of personal platform. But tools are being made available to make blog more effective as a social media to have more impact.


The user or blogger as is known uses for promotion of product and services. The promotion can be carried out through affiliate marketing. The is not going to directly get involved in promotion of the product or services. Blogger gets a URL link for the product or service. In the process of using affiliate marketing will act an advertisement platform. It will not be a large advertisement campaign. In the blog site any one visiting the site will see the information of the product or services. If interested then can click the link for further information. The agreement with the dealer can be in different ways. The remuneration can be for just every time the link is used. Or the remuneration can be for successful conclusion of business.


The site can also be used as specific purpose. For example, the user may be a travel blogger. Here it will used to post all matters relating to travel by the user. Though it is personal it will consist of negatives and positives. Similarly, there will a blogger on every topic or subject. In days ahead will evolve into a personal organizer with unlimited scope intermesh of volume as well as content.