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WordPress and Content Management

13.04.2011 (9:33 am) – Filed under: CMS

WordPress is a blog tool to create content. The attractive feature of this publishing service is customized. The creation of the content is with architecture plug in and a system of template. With the help of a template processor the web system of template is applied by WordPress. It is provided with series of themes. The themes may vary and will be different which can be according to the taste of the user. WordPress is provided is in the form of software and can be downloaded and installed to make use of it. The term aptly describes the software.


WordPress used for creation of content for the blog or website. Normally any content will be based on a particular theme. The software also provides for integrated link system of management. There is also provision of features for editing, switch themes and upgrade for improved content. The tool is very comprehensive for handling articles. It can be grouped in any manner either topic wise or date wise. It can provide the articles either one category or multiple categories. These articles can be supported by tagging and marking. The content format can be modified for styling and redesigned to suit the new theme.


WordPress software is now one of the most popular and has great brand strength. The system, WordPress theme utilizes premium template processor. The software has also been upgraded and latest version has been offered to users. The advantage is the feature that forms part at the time of installation initially. The future holds very well and it is without doubt for blog users a very useful and handy tool. The main feature of the software is that the content management which is without restriction. It is compatible with all the latest communication devices. It is hoped blog will continue to benefit.

TYPO3 and Unlimited Possibilities

13.04.2011 (9:31 am) – Filed under: CMS


TYPO3 is a content management system which is free and open in source. It is in a position to run on different web servers without any hitch. It is ahead on major operating system. It is used for website development. The use for managing a website in a proper manner can be achieved with TYPO3.It can be used for creating the basic template, the outline or structure and navigational pages can be made out. No special knowledge is required for using this tool and operational skill is not a prerequisite. While it may me be possible use it without any special skill TYPO3 requires a working CPU and 256MB RAM.


The main features that can be listed are: it is very easy to use. The site can be managed and administered properly. Customize CMS TYPO3 development. TYPO3 has a template library that can be used for any development of any application. This program has the facility to download and install from repository. Flexibility in language configuration and its application is also possible with TYPO3. More than one version of website is allowed to be operated without any restriction. Further pages auto redirection is allowed to done.


TYPO3 can be concluded that it has a two tier concept. They are front end and backend. The frontend application is responsible for generation and display. The backed application will be based for content rearrangement and administration. It can be seen that this program is found to be highly versatile. The main system can use several users linking with installation of extensions. The system is worth using for any application. The rating is still high with more extensions. It is found to be found to be over bearing of quality of and has be made pluggable and extensible

Joomla a Vesatile CMS

13.04.2011 (9:29 am) – Filed under: CMS

Among open source content management system Joomla is considered as very powerful application frame work. It uses website template designs and its database in the process of creating a website. It is used by registration log in and goes about creating the menus adding pages etc. The advantage of Joomla is that the viewing is restricted to only who register. It is used wide spread. It is used in corporate website, intranets, extranets, community portals, E commerce websites, online media, online publishing, Government applications, and personal, educational and religious place websites. The primary advantage of Joomla is because it is open source CMS.


Among the open the open source CMC, Joomla is considered easy for editing and publishing. In case of any website that required very frequent changes like news, Joomla is the ideal CMS. It can be time or date preset. Its usage can also be regulated. It is very user friendly. There are numerous links in websites which gives illustration about Joomla and the way it should be operated. The website dedicated to Joomla gives demo also. It will be an added advantage if Joomla training is taken.

Key Features

The key features of Joomla include search by keyword and capable doing advanced search. Registration can made for different groups as well as for different menus. The editing and publishing facility can be devoted. The system is controlled only by web. IT uses PHP and mySQL. Additionally, it provides numerous extensions in order to offer many features in website. It is versatile CMS and it is free, however some restrictions in licensing are imposed. It should be clarified. For the website it is very comprehensive CMS. The options available are many. Nobody can find any major disadvantage; Joomla will continue to maintain its supremacy in CMS.

Drupal and Blog Platform

13.04.2011 (9:28 am) – Filed under: CMS

Drupal is a service system for blog users when the content management arrangement will have to be supported. The information and knowledge that is used by the user in blog as a back end system. While other support tools are in content creation and arrangement, Drupal gives support and is accessible for individual as well as corporate. The system in general consists of user account registration and its maintenance management of menu, customization of page layout and finally the administration of the system. The installation is easy and can be used as website pamphlet, any type of blog, an internet platform or social networking in using the content.


Drupal is a sophisticated programming interface for those who want to develop program content. However, knowledge of programming is not a prerequisite for utilizing Drupal. Anyone with basic computer knowledge can carry out the website installation and administration. The process is simple after registration and installation. The manner in which the interface is done is left to the choice of the user. The options available are increasing regularly. It offers to website application as a framework.


Drupal themes are available for easy download. While creation of site it can be customized or use these themes by interface of templates. Themes can be selected from a number of sources. It can run in any computing platform. If the site belongs to a corporate with a logo, the theme after downloading, the logo can be incorporated. The popularity is increasing daily and fast. It is certain that there will be additions of new generation tools for enhancing Drupal’s core capabilities. This will enable to open up new vistas in website content management. Drupal will be the social community network development. The framework with which it is going to be used is left to the user.