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13.04.2011 (9:27 am) – Filed under: Blog Trends is a publishing service platform that allows posting private and group users. It is a service which ensures to have similar to one Individual website format is considered to be blog. Creation of blog is for different purpose. It can be for just posting opinions, comments or forum of a few. It can be also used for earning extra money. The facility is numerous. Initially it was a straight case of personal platform. But tools are being made available to make blog more effective as a social media to have more impact.


The user or blogger as is known uses for promotion of product and services. The promotion can be carried out through affiliate marketing. The is not going to directly get involved in promotion of the product or services. Blogger gets a URL link for the product or service. In the process of using affiliate marketing will act an advertisement platform. It will not be a large advertisement campaign. In the blog site any one visiting the site will see the information of the product or services. If interested then can click the link for further information. The agreement with the dealer can be in different ways. The remuneration can be for just every time the link is used. Or the remuneration can be for successful conclusion of business.


The site can also be used as specific purpose. For example, the user may be a travel blogger. Here it will used to post all matters relating to travel by the user. Though it is personal it will consist of negatives and positives. Similarly, there will a blogger on every topic or subject. In days ahead will evolve into a personal organizer with unlimited scope intermesh of volume as well as content.