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Drupal and Blog Platform

13.04.2011 (9:28 am) – Filed under: CMS

Drupal is a service system for blog users when the content management arrangement will have to be supported. The information and knowledge that is used by the user in blog as a back end system. While other support tools are in content creation and arrangement, Drupal gives support and is accessible for individual as well as corporate. The system in general consists of user account registration and its maintenance management of menu, customization of page layout and finally the administration of the system. The installation is easy and can be used as website pamphlet, any type of blog, an internet platform or social networking in using the content.


Drupal is a sophisticated programming interface for those who want to develop program content. However, knowledge of programming is not a prerequisite for utilizing Drupal. Anyone with basic computer knowledge can carry out the website installation and administration. The process is simple after registration and installation. The manner in which the interface is done is left to the choice of the user. The options available are increasing regularly. It offers to website application as a framework.


Drupal themes are available for easy download. While creation of site it can be customized or use these themes by interface of templates. Themes can be selected from a number of sources. It can run in any computing platform. If the site belongs to a corporate with a logo, the theme after downloading, the logo can be incorporated. The popularity is increasing daily and fast. It is certain that there will be additions of new generation tools for enhancing Drupal’s core capabilities. This will enable to open up new vistas in website content management. Drupal will be the social community network development. The framework with which it is going to be used is left to the user.