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Wireless Radio and its Advantage

13.04.2011 (9:32 am) – Filed under: Internet & Technology Trends

Among the latest developments wireless radio has provided the most inexpensive device for audio listening. A satellite radio though providing easy accessibility was costly and had to be registered. A monthly fee was also levied. Wireless radio has totally done away with both these financial burdens. It is economical, effective in terms of reception and no monthly fee need to be paid. Wireless radio can be taken anywhere and there is no restriction in its mobility as long as it is linked to the personal computer internet. The reason for the radio to be economically priced is accessing the audio signals frequency through broadband.


When satellite radio was launched it was hailed as a great development for reviving for radio listening. However, the cost of the radio was kept at a very high level and to top it all a monthly fee was collected for listening on a monthly basis. With the advent of internet and broadband facility numerous wireless devices was launched for intranet. Subsequently wireless radio utilizing the broadband network was placed in the market. Wireless radio was very economically priced when compared to a satellite radio. With no monthly fee being collected the advantage was complete in favor of wireless radio. Wireless radio headset as an accessory was also available for use like any other walkman.


Advantage of wireless internet radio helped to invoke interest. This radio is able to access any program across the world through the broadband internet connection. It is available 24 hours a day. With PC and internet available anywhere in the world there is no restriction in the mobility of wireless radio. Wireless radio has caught on and it is sure it will increase its presence in the world market for future. Since computer and broadband will witness further progress and development the future of wireless radio is assured.

Wan Acceleration and Cost Saving

13.04.2011 (9:31 am) – Filed under: Internet & Technology Trends

Economic slowdown and devising cost saving measures went hand in hand especially in IT organizations. Wan acceleration is a technology for business enabling. It is powerful and effective. Almost all organizations in IT sector either have implemented it or in the process of doing so. It is a comprehensive measure which covers the entire operations of the industry. The operative expenses include maintenance as well as business. Wan acceleration takes into account all the parameters for operation and if implemented helps improve efficiency level and at the same time reduces expenses.


Wan acceleration firstly helps the consolidation of server and its storage. When it is done the entire data base and operating servers get centralized. This enables the IT organization to have better control over the company’s data. It has helped to perform better at reduced cost. This technology has helped in managing any disaster in the data management. It has ensured resilience and smooth continuity. Wan accelerator has helped reduce the band width or wan bandwidth optimization which helps better delivery of applications and allows easy deployment of newer applications. Backup consolidation and data replication is another area where it gives complete protection. It is able to meet all the regulatory requirements. On the whole it increases productivity resulting in financial saving.


Since most of the employees who travel or who are mobile would like to use data communicating devises, wan acceleration can provide simple solutions with centralized management. No single solution is able to offer so many benefits in a comprehensive manner to the organization. When implemented not only the company gets equipped to face competition it gears up to face any crisis. This has helped many IT organizations increase their operations with reduced budget. It has provided better environment even during troubled times.

Desktop Virtualization and its Benefits

13.04.2011 (9:28 am) – Filed under: Internet & Technology Trends

Desktop virtualization is the creation of desktop atmosphere which can be hosted on remote server of centrally controlled. It can be accessed for any application through any computing device like PC, laptop etc. a virtual desktop is created. Like a virtual office, a virtual desktop is created in remote that can be accessed. One of the main advantage is with one virtual desktop may user can access the same desktop without any hitch. It has brought about a major change in context of efficiency, cost reduction and keeping the organization progressive. Desktop virtualization has helped to meet competition.


Desktop virtualization has enabled doing away with individual personalized desktop at different places to a centralized location. The individual personalized desktop is accessed through devices like PC or laptop. The main advantage is that mobility of workforce is achieved. It requires only a USB stick to carry out the function. The control is easy as all the applications are offered from one platform in spite of having countless outlets. The individual users have the facility of monitoring and controlling their work places. Therefore there is individual as well centralized monitoring. With competition reaching a very level it is imperative to adopt cost saving measures and desktop virtualization is a very effective one. The desktop virtualization benefits as enumerated turn out to make the organization more efficient apart from saving time and money.


Security compliance is considered one of the major areas of concern in an organization. Centralized control of a desktop application helps the organization in ensuring higher level of security through monitoring and controls. The organization has also benefited by saving energy consumption by adopting desktop virtualization. It has provided flexibility, mobility and keep pace with the development in technology and face competition. Desktop virtualization has helped the organization to scale newer heights.