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Joomla a Vesatile CMS

13.04.2011 (9:29 am) – Filed under: CMS

Among open source content management system Joomla is considered as very powerful application frame work. It uses website template designs and its database in the process of creating a website. It is used by registration log in and goes about creating the menus adding pages etc. The advantage of Joomla is that the viewing is restricted to only who register. It is used wide spread. It is used in corporate website, intranets, extranets, community portals, E commerce websites, online media, online publishing, Government applications, and personal, educational and religious place websites. The primary advantage of Joomla is because it is open source CMS.


Among the open the open source CMC, Joomla is considered easy for editing and publishing. In case of any website that required very frequent changes like news, Joomla is the ideal CMS. It can be time or date preset. Its usage can also be regulated. It is very user friendly. There are numerous links in websites which gives illustration about Joomla and the way it should be operated. The website dedicated to Joomla gives demo also. It will be an added advantage if Joomla training is taken.

Key Features

The key features of Joomla include search by keyword and capable doing advanced search. Registration can made for different groups as well as for different menus. The editing and publishing facility can be devoted. The system is controlled only by web. IT uses PHP and mySQL. Additionally, it provides numerous extensions in order to offer many features in website. It is versatile CMS and it is free, however some restrictions in licensing are imposed. It should be clarified. For the website it is very comprehensive CMS. The options available are many. Nobody can find any major disadvantage; Joomla will continue to maintain its supremacy in CMS.