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Posterous and Development

13.04.2011 (9:30 am) – Filed under: Blog Trends

Posters in real life are a very effective tool that media use. Blogs are acquiring a premium status for sharing and informing. More and more people are being involved in the network. If a poster is posted it has good impact. Posterous is a blogging platform for using the poster format. This site has the interlinking facility with other social information tools like Facebook or Twitter. Like the blog, the site is able to offer any one update or modify. Online posters can be uploaded in the site from email of an individual. The platform is another avenue to express using another tool.


Posterous is a site for blogging in poster format. The advantage is that there is no set method or standard for the poster that can be posted for individual. It can be a photo or a hand drawn picture or a printed large poster. However, it can be posted on the site in many ways. They are all advanced methods available including mobile phones. Since Posterous pertains to website and internet, it is no wonder that it is developing very fast. The world market has been integrated. The opportunity for online poster is absolute and scope is unlimited. Users of Posterous account can use their own domain name in site that is Posterous site.

Future Propect

Posterous which was launched in 2008 has developed at very fast pace. It now provides posting posters directly through email. It has already launched iPhone application, number of models for Android. This list of options continues to grow. There some problems in some of the posting regarding the spoofing. Unwanted posters or not genuine users using the facility are yet to be fully sorted out. Developments that have been brought about by posters are tremendous. So much so one cannot really predict the future but positively it will be much advanced.