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Tumblr and Blogging

13.04.2011 (9:30 am) – Filed under: Blog Trends

With blogging developing at a rapid pace, Tumblr a platform for short form blog opened up. It is termed as microblogging. The platform provides the individual to post short text, quotes, links, audio and video plus images. It can be an open link or it can be made private. Irrespective of the content or type it is very easy to use. It is used to promote product and services in a more effective way as its content is small. Marketers find the platform quite economical also. Since it able to provide the content to private audience, live updates can be posted very easily.


Blog when launched was conceived as a website platform primarily for individual. However within a very short period individual privacy got diluted as more commercial and social network tools got interlinked. At that juncture the creation of Tumblr got a reception to fill up the vacuum. This smaller format opened up at the right time. It was short, easy, and at the same time had very good interface with all other tools in the social network including mobile Tumblr. It retained the privacy of individual completely. In fact, what blog was envisaged to be Tumblr eventually replaced or took over the place.


However, some security concerns are yet to be fully taken care. Since it is about individual privacy, the security of the platform for the user should be complete. Otherwise, the development it has made and appreciation it has earned is noteworthy. The year’s from2008 to 2010 is considered very significant for Tumblr. During this time number awards and appreciative honors were received by Tumblr. It has made very fast progress and many are very eager to make total switch to this platform from blog. The course it will take in future it is still not clear.