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TYPO3 and Unlimited Possibilities

13.04.2011 (9:31 am) – Filed under: CMS


TYPO3 is a content management system which is free and open in source. It is in a position to run on different web servers without any hitch. It is ahead on major operating system. It is used for website development. The use for managing a website in a proper manner can be achieved with TYPO3.It can be used for creating the basic template, the outline or structure and navigational pages can be made out. No special knowledge is required for using this tool and operational skill is not a prerequisite. While it may me be possible use it without any special skill TYPO3 requires a working CPU and 256MB RAM.


The main features that can be listed are: it is very easy to use. The site can be managed and administered properly. Customize CMS TYPO3 development. TYPO3 has a template library that can be used for any development of any application. This program has the facility to download and install from repository. Flexibility in language configuration and its application is also possible with TYPO3. More than one version of website is allowed to be operated without any restriction. Further pages auto redirection is allowed to done.


TYPO3 can be concluded that it has a two tier concept. They are front end and backend. The frontend application is responsible for generation and display. The backed application will be based for content rearrangement and administration. It can be seen that this program is found to be highly versatile. The main system can use several users linking with installation of extensions. The system is worth using for any application. The rating is still high with more extensions. It is found to be found to be over bearing of quality of and has be made pluggable and extensible