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Wan Acceleration and Cost Saving

13.04.2011 (9:31 am) – Filed under: Internet & Technology Trends

Economic slowdown and devising cost saving measures went hand in hand especially in IT organizations. Wan acceleration is a technology for business enabling. It is powerful and effective. Almost all organizations in IT sector either have implemented it or in the process of doing so. It is a comprehensive measure which covers the entire operations of the industry. The operative expenses include maintenance as well as business. Wan acceleration takes into account all the parameters for operation and if implemented helps improve efficiency level and at the same time reduces expenses.


Wan acceleration firstly helps the consolidation of server and its storage. When it is done the entire data base and operating servers get centralized. This enables the IT organization to have better control over the company’s data. It has helped to perform better at reduced cost. This technology has helped in managing any disaster in the data management. It has ensured resilience and smooth continuity. Wan accelerator has helped reduce the band width or wan bandwidth optimization which helps better delivery of applications and allows easy deployment of newer applications. Backup consolidation and data replication is another area where it gives complete protection. It is able to meet all the regulatory requirements. On the whole it increases productivity resulting in financial saving.


Since most of the employees who travel or who are mobile would like to use data communicating devises, wan acceleration can provide simple solutions with centralized management. No single solution is able to offer so many benefits in a comprehensive manner to the organization. When implemented not only the company gets equipped to face competition it gears up to face any crisis. This has helped many IT organizations increase their operations with reduced budget. It has provided better environment even during troubled times.