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The Video Blog

23.07.2012 (10:52 am) – Filed under: Blog Trends

The world today has changed completely. With the advancement of the new technology, things do change day after day. There are plenty of technological devices and gadgets that we come across and use in our daily lives. Currently, almost every adult has a mobile phone. What is even more amazing is that the mobile phones that we have nowadays have very advanced features. Most of the mobile phones can be used to take pictures and videos and again even upload the pictures directly to the internet. It is such technological advancements and gadgets that have led to the emergence and growth of Vlogs.

These video blogs or Vlogs are much similar to the normal text blogs. In fact, in the past years, both used to be referred to as podcasts but nowadays there is clear distinction between text blogs and Vlogs. The main difference between these two is that in Vlogs, pictures and videos are used as opposed to text blogs where texts are used. However, it is of importance to know that both the text blogs and the Vlogs serve the same purposes of interacting and sharing information among people. It is up to an individual to decide whether to go for blogs or Vlogs.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Vlogs

It is very true that Vlogs have very many advantages over text blogs. Many people find it easy to deal and interact with pictures and videos much more easily than texts. Times texts are boring and tedious to read. On the other hand, videos are more appealing to the eye and interesting to watch. Thus, most people would enjoy interacting and sharing there opinions through Vlogs.

However, on the contrary, Vlogs also have there own disadvantages. For a server, video blogs would require more space and more time to upload. Unlike text blogs where it is almost instant to upload an article, for a video, it would take an average of about half an hour to upload it. For the viewers; videos may take some time before they load and start to play. In case one has poor internet connection, this might take so long and make one to give up and leave.