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Wireless Radio and its Advantage

13.04.2011 (9:32 am) – Filed under: Internet & Technology Trends

Among the latest developments wireless radio has provided the most inexpensive device for audio listening. A satellite radio though providing easy accessibility was costly and had to be registered. A monthly fee was also levied. Wireless radio has totally done away with both these financial burdens. It is economical, effective in terms of reception and no monthly fee need to be paid. Wireless radio can be taken anywhere and there is no restriction in its mobility as long as it is linked to the personal computer internet. The reason for the radio to be economically priced is accessing the audio signals frequency through broadband.


When satellite radio was launched it was hailed as a great development for reviving for radio listening. However, the cost of the radio was kept at a very high level and to top it all a monthly fee was collected for listening on a monthly basis. With the advent of internet and broadband facility numerous wireless devices was launched for intranet. Subsequently wireless radio utilizing the broadband network was placed in the market. Wireless radio was very economically priced when compared to a satellite radio. With no monthly fee being collected the advantage was complete in favor of wireless radio. Wireless radio headset as an accessory was also available for use like any other walkman.


Advantage of wireless internet radio helped to invoke interest. This radio is able to access any program across the world through the broadband internet connection. It is available 24 hours a day. With PC and internet available anywhere in the world there is no restriction in the mobility of wireless radio. Wireless radio has caught on and it is sure it will increase its presence in the world market for future. Since computer and broadband will witness further progress and development the future of wireless radio is assured.