10 interesting alien races (that weren’t in the movies)


The Star wars The galaxy stretches far afield, full of mystery, incredible sights, wonderful phenomena, and a plethora of species, which many fans have grown to worship over the past four decades. While the movies are teeming with these wonderfully crafted creatures and aliens, there are a ton of fascinating species that have yet to appear on the big screen.

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Whether they appear in the TV series or in the extended content, there are so many excellent aliens in the galaxy far, far away that are not only interesting but also unknown to fans who don’t venture beyond the Star wars movie theater.



Cosians are not only an interesting species, but a rare one. The race is only visible in Star wars via an individual, the brilliant Tera Sinube, Master Jedi, both in the days of the Galactic Republic and the High Republic.

Able to be Force sensitive like most other species, Cosians are originally from Cosia, speak Cosian, and are reptilian-type humanoids. The Cosians have a subspecies, the Nu-Cosians (Bobbajo in the force awakens is a member of this sub-group). As for the true Cosians, however, their screen appearances so far have been limited to The clone wars.


A feline-humanoid species whose wealth and culture were built on the backs of slavery, the Zygerrians have never been seen in a Star wars film, but their impact is felt in their slave arc of The clone wars.

Across the Old Republic and the High Republic, the Zygerrians were at the height of their power through their slave trade before it was banned as a result of a war with the Galactic Republic. Even more interesting is the fact that a couple made their entry into the Jedi Order, namely Faraza Tarabal during the High Republic and Tosan during the Galactic Republic era (a Jedi who wielded a yellow double-bladed lightsaber unconventional).

Zillo Beast

Semi-sensitive, reptilian and gigantic, Zillo’s beast is an incredible species that has almost caused irreversible damage to Coruscant and Malastare. Seeing one of the beasts on the big screen would be epic.

Alas, their screen appearances were limited to The clone wars so far. Zillo’s known beasts in the galaxy include one who was captured by Palpatine and another who was worshiped as a deity before being killed by Kylo Ren. Hailing from Malastare, the species possesses armor and towers unmatched over most other sentient species in the Galaxy, and they have been terrifying in all of their appearances so far.


Since their rapid but significant mention in 1983 during Return of the Jedi, the Bothans captured the interest of fans, but in canon they didn’t appear beyond mention.

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Known for their spy ring groups, the Bothans have very little canonical information. In Legends, it was about mammalian anthropoids from Bothawui, and it’s safe to assume that the canonical Bothans are similar. However, fans have yet to see them in a comic book or show, let alone a full movie.


In season 1 of The Mandalorian, the Mudhorn made its debut and gave way to an incredible and courageous yet cruel moment of Grogu and Mando, and the glorious creature has been remembered via a seal ever since.

Other than an appearance in the content of the High Republic, this is the only appearance of the Mudhorn. This rhino-like creature sort of lays eggs rather than directly giving birth, a fact of her biology that makes her quite fascinating. Non-sensitive and originally from Arvala-7, seeing more onscreen scenes of a Mudhorn would be great.


Towering presences and the source of two impressive characters so far, the Lasat race is rare, but it has already proven its potential in Garazeb Orellios and Jaro Tapal.

The design of the Lasat is terrific and is based on the original concepts of Ralph McQuarrie for Chewbacca. Originally from Lira San before being forced to immigrate to Lasan, the Lasat people were considered close to extinction thanks to the Empire, but in reality millions of people live in the wilderness. They didn’t make their live-action or movie debut, but they would suit their stature and almost superhuman abilities perfectly.


Statue of the ancient Zeffo species in Jedi Fallen Order

Zeffo may be more commonly associated with Jedi: Fallen Order The most extensive and frustrating original map, but the Zeffo, also known as the Zeffoians, were, in fact, the inhabitants of their namesake planet.

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An ancient race, the Zeffoians are on the verge of extinction and live in the great unknown of the galaxy. Before that, they could wield the Force, known to them as the Wind of Life, and had a fascinating relationship with it. Over time, many have been corrupted, no longer being the peaceful civilization they once were, turning to the dark side, hence their status as people almost extinct.


Morai appears in the world between worlds in Star Wars Rebels.jpeg

The Convor is a beautiful species of owl in the Star wars galaxy and aesthetically matches those found on Earth, with similarly colored eyes, wings, beak, and feathers. However, convores are even more unique than regular owls.

This is due to one Convor in particular, Morai, a Convor with a spiritual connection to the Daughter who is Ahsoka Tano’s companion. Birds have a special relationship with the Force, but despite their appearance in several Star wars shows so far they have yet to appear on the big screen. It’s an intriguing little bird that fans will hopefully know more about in the Ahsoka series.


Chiss are must-haves for the species that fans want to see the most on the big screen or even just in live-action in Star wars, and this is mainly due to its most famous individual, Mitth’raw’nuruodo, more commonly known as Thrawn.

The blue-skinned, red-eyed species have an incredible history and culture detailed in all of Thrawn’s titular novels, and seeing one of Csilla’s natives on the big screen would be a Legends and canon content fan’s dream. extended from Thrawn. Whether it was Thrawn or not wouldn’t change how hard it would be to see the Chiss in a movie.


Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Dume Loth Wolf

One of Star Wars’ many fascinating species that will probably never become a Star wars film is Loth-wolf, a native wolf of Lothal with a fascinating connection to the Force as depicted in Star Wars: Rebels.

Lot’s Wolves are not only wonderfully gorgeous creatures, but they’re ridiculously cool, and the way they act as guardians of the light side of the Force on Lothal is so compelling. Unless a story is told about Lothal or goes through Lothal – which seems unlikely – the creature will never reach a Star wars movie, but there is still hope that they weren’t completely finished in the Star wars cannon.

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