10 Most Hated Xbox Characters


Audiences can often have very diverse reactions to a video game character. Some might love them, and some might hate them. Some might think they’re cool, interesting, or fun, while others think they’re boring or embarrassing. Audiences are rarely homogeneous, and gamers even more divided. Xbox has several characters that the fan base cannot agree on. Many Xbox characters are strongly disliked.

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As such, it is often significant that the majority of players can share an opinion about a character. Sometimes that can be a positive, with some iconic characters almost universally loved in games. Most of the time, however, audiences manage to unite in their hatred for certain Xbox characters.

ten The Didact Is a Generic, Poorly Explained Villain (Halo 4)

The Halo The franchise has a number of iconic villains, including the Prophet of Truth and the Gravemind. With many of its story threads ending in Halo 3the franchise must look for a new antagonist in Halo 4 and finds it in the Didact. A disgraced Forerunner general who survived the extinction of his species, the Didact plans to shatter humanity and prevent it from dominating the galaxy.

The Didact has potential, but it fails to get noticed at all. Halo 4 leaves all of its backstory and depth to hidden in-game content or tie-in novels. As presented on screen, the Didact is nothing more than a cackling villain that promises death, with none of the uniqueness of Truth or Gravemind.

9 Khalisah al-Jilani is an infamous hacking journalist (Mass Effect)

Initially an Xbox exclusive title, Mass Effect takes care to make the characters inhabiting its galaxy real and interesting. Many are surprisingly deep and three-dimensional, and a few have at least something likable about them. However, Khalisah al-Jilani, a journalist who tries to corner Shepard and shame him on live television, is not one of them.

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This interaction is one of the best known of all Mass Effect for one reason: the ability to hit al-Jilani rather than answer his questions. With her fulfilling all of the hack journalist stereotypes, most fans agree that it’s satisfying to take the Renegade option in this case.

8 The Jedi Council embodies the worst aspects of the Jedi (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic)

The Jedi are controversial for many fans, even though they are an integral part of the star wars universe. Despite being beloved and cool warrior monks who wield laser swords, many star wars fans take issue with the Order’s emphasis on obedience and neutrality, which is only emphasized in both Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and its sequel.

Whether it’s refusing to get involved in the Mandalorian Wars, banishing exile, or failing to stop any of the Sith threats, the Jedi Council does little but aggravate the life of the protagonists. The nadir comes towards the end of Knights of the Old Republic II when they attempt to strip the Force of exile after it travels across the galaxy to reunite them.

seven Rumor Honeybottoms fails to deliver an entertaining fight (Cuphead)

The bosses in Cuphead receive limited characterization, but they have inventive and unique combat that informs the player of their personality while still being a lot of fun in their own right. Almost all the bosses of Cuphead has its staunch fans, but the one that doesn’t live up to the game’s high standards is Rumor Honeybottoms.

Rumor Honeybottoms’ combat is hated by many players because it relies on several boring mechanics like random platforming, and its positioning requires specific gear to really counter. Unlike other fights with similar mechanics, Rumor fails to compensate with its design or with redeeming aspects to its combat.

6 Guardian Eternal Reeks Of Desperation (Halo 5: Guardians)

The main villain of Halo 5: Guardians is a post-rampancy Cortana, who seeks to conquer the galaxy with the power of Artificial Intelligence. However, she is a non-combat villain and delegates the role of physically stopping Master Chief and Spartan Locke to her main enforcer: Warden Eternal.

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A towering Forerunner build, Warden Eternal has at least some potential as a physical threat. However, his personality irritates most players. He is arrogant and dismissive, save for his desperate devotion to Cortana. None of this impresses most players, who find him an extremely annoying villain.

5 Esperanza is rude throughout the game (Sunset Overdrive)

Although not the most sophisticated games, Overdrive at sunset is appreciated for its comedic, wacky and colorful tone. The game doesn’t take itself too seriously, and neither do most of the characters. It creates a consistent vibe throughout the game that is just plain enjoyable.

One character stands out: Esperanza, the leader of the assassins of Las Catrinas. First enemies and then allies, the player character works with them after their first fight, but Esperanza is never gracious about it. She is too serious and rude, despite the light tone of Overdrive at sunsetand many players resent the fact that they will never be able to get justice for Esperanza’s initial vicious attack on them.

4 Tyrone “TK” King is the worst type of mastermind (Dead Rising 2)

In Dead Rising 2, the player controls Chuck Greene, a daredevil on a motorcycle who must clear his name when he is accused of starting a zombie outbreak. The real antagonist of the game is reality TV host Tyrone “TK” King, who works for the pharmaceutical company Phenotrans and starts epidemics to cultivate their products.

Even outside of TK’s heinous goals, he’s just heinous. He’s a smug, obnoxious, hedonistic character who pokes fun at Chuck throughout. Dead Rising 2 and has no moral scruples. Designed not to be a sympathetic figure at all, it’s a deeply cathartic moment when the player gets to kill TK at the end of overtime mode.

3 Ambassador Udina is an angry supremacist (Mass Effect)

Ambassadors and politicians are often unfriendly in the Mass Effect frankness, but human ambassador Udina takes the cake. He is introduced as the more sour and less pleasant counterpart to Captain Anderson, who helps Shepard expose Saren, but he is openly hostile throughout the proceedings. Even once Shepard earns Udina’s respect, he’s far from pleasant.

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Things only get worse throughout the franchise. Udina shows how deeply he believes in human supremacy, first trying to install himself as head of a human-only Council if the current one dies, then casting his spell with Cerberus in Mass Effect 3. Few players mourn him when he dies – and many cheer when Anderson assaults him in Mass Effect.

2 Gristol Malik is not a sympathetic villain (Psychonauts 2)

Some of fiction’s most effective villains are tragic, likable, and relatable, but not all of them have to be. Psychonauts 2 draws players into its emotional stakes by simply making its antagonist, Gristol Malik, just as hateful out of universe as he is in universe.

A huge egotist, nationalist, and spoiled rich brat with no notion of hardship, Malik is just a collection of boring traits made up to eleven. There is no attempt to make the player sympathize with him, which makes him extremely satisfying when he meets a terrible fate at the end of Psychonauts 2.

1 343 The Guilty Spark Is Neither Respectable Nor Pitiful (Halo)

Although the Master Chief clashes with powerful elites, politically powerful prophets, and the monstrous Gravemind, the most recurring antagonist of Halo is actually 343 Guilty Spark. The comic-looking little robot is the monitor of installation 04.

Guilty Spark is annoying almost immediately, giving condescending and irritating advice to the player as he leads them through the infamous “The Library” level. From there, his attempts to wipe out all life in the galaxy do nothing to endear him to gamers, and the real punch comes when he kills fan-favorite Sergeant Johnson. Halo 3.

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