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A trip to the Serengeti National Park is unparalleled for those who love its wildlife, and that’s exactly what you’ll see there.

The Serengeti National Park, established in 1952, is one of the most popular and important wildlife reserves in the world, with unrivaled natural features and ecological importance. Every year, more than a thousand antelopes, along with thousands of other animals such as gazelles and zebras, migrate to the place in search of grass and river water. The Serengeti’s habitat, which includes grasslands, steppes, riverine forests and forests, is unquestionably one of the oldest in the world, with temperature, vegetation and animals likely to have been intact for millennia.

Reach Serengeti National Park

  • Nearest Airport – Kilimanjaro International Airport – 54.3 Km
  • Visitors can hire a taxi which takes approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes to reach the park.

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What visitors can do on the Serengeti

Visit the Seronera River Valley

This huge valley, which encompasses much of the central Serengeti, is teeming with species. The stream in the valley maintains abundant flora all year round, allowing animals to thrive. Antelopes, zebras, rhinos, giraffes, elephants and several other animals can be seen every day. The abundance of prey also attracts the greatest number of predators.

  • The rustle of leopards, cheetahs and lions can be seen across the golden grasslands.
  • One of the greatest sites to see reclusive leopards in the region is found here.

Take a hot air balloon safari

The Serengeti Balloon Desert Safari has been helping park visitors soar to identify wildlife and witness the park’s iconic Great Migration since 1989. Each year, hot air balloons carry visitors through the central Serengeti for a bird’s-eye view. bird of the region.

Hike Naabi Hill

The main entrance to Serengeti National Park is Naabi Hill. The Naabi Hill hiking trail offers some of the stunning views of the Serengeti, so visitors can stretch their legs. During the great annual migration to the Eastern Serengeti to breed and forage, this acacia-covered peak serves as the main hub for a pack of lions and is home to thousands of antelope, zebra and impala .

See the springs of Bologonja

The green springs of Bologonja, nestled in the northeastern part of the Serengeti, attract thousands of animals with its refreshing streams and lush canopy. The tributaries of the Bologonja River are almost always devoid of tourists, allowing visitors to get a good look at the park’s monkeys, which live alone in the greenery.

  • Elephants, giraffes and the rich diversity of bird and gazelle species, including alpine reed and steenbok, are attracted to the springs.

Visit the Retina Hippo Pool

Other waterholes in the Serengeti may have hippos, but none compare to the majesty of Retina Hippopotamus Pond in the central Serengeti. The pond is a large puddle containing about two hundred splashing hippos.

  • Hippos, gulls and Nile crocodiles are among the animals that visitors can photograph. Visitors should keep in mind, however, that these monsters are quite huge and dangerous, so it’s best to stay at a safe distance.

Explore Olduvai Gorge

The Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater are separated by the Olduvai Gorge which stretches for approximately 452 kilometers. It is famous worldwide for being the place of the discovery of fossils 2 million years old.

This gorge allows visitors to travel back in time and walk in the footsteps of their ancestors. Tourists to Olduvai Gorge could pass by the Olduvai Exhibit, built by Mary Leakey, the lady who discovered the fossils.

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Where to stay in the Serengeti

Four Seasons Safari Lodge

The open-air Maji Lounge at Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti overlooks the infinity pool and savannah. The beautiful air-conditioned suites showcase the African style and include a sofa, TV, refrigerator and storage space.

  • All units have a private bathroom with a bathtub and a shower.
  • Offering a traditional African meal and Maasai dance, the Boma Grill offers a unique Maasai atmosphere.
  • The Kula restaurant serves cuisine with regional flavors and serves wines from around the world.
  • A cellar is also available, where guests can taste food and wine pairings.

Ole Serai Luxury Camp

Free Wi-Fi, massage, lobby and fully equipped bar are available at Ole Serai Luxury Camp. A fan is provided in each of the bedrooms. A lounging area, a personal balcony and an observation deck are included in the units.

  • Each room has a private bathroom with toilet and bathtub.
  • The hotel serves a full continental breakfast daily. Guests can dine at the Ole Serai Restaurant, which serves regional and international cuisine.
  • There is also a reception available.

Mbalageti Serengeti

Mbalageti Serengeti features an outdoor swimming pool and free Wi-Fi. Visitors can relax on the rooftop or have a beer at the pub. The accommodations at the lodge include a fan, secure storage box and bedspreads.

  • Some rooms have a kitchenette, fridge, sofa and closet.
  • Each room has a private bathroom with free toiletries.
  • The hotel serves a daily buffet breakfast. Guests can dine at the hotel’s restaurant serving local and European cuisine.
  • A common lobby and luggage storage are some of the other amenities available at the resort.
  • Free parking is available on site.

Tourists are likely to see rhinos, giraffes, hippos and predators in the Serengeti National Park, home to the largest population of large animals in the world. And more than 500 varieties of birds including ostriches and flamingos will be seen by visitors. If observing one or two mammals is fascinating, observing them in groups is even more so. This is a wonderful area to explore for anyone who loves wildlife.

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