Artist Suvigya Sharma is on a mission to protect endangered species, one miniature work of art at a time


Artist Suvigya Sharma — known for his miniature paintings, Tanjore Paintings, frescoes and portraits among others – has the mission to protect endangered species through its works. When asked what brought him to this, the artist said that in addition to being an animal lover, he also wanted to harness the potential of art, “which has the power to reach places where other mediums cannot”.

Suvigya, whose range of artwork includes life-size coin-sized portraits using 24-karat gold, has created a series of works for his dream project ‘Perishious’ (a portmanteau of perishable and valuable) dedicated to endangered animals with the aim of generating funds for their preservation. As part of the initiative, a collection of 11 unique works of art dedicated to wildlife creatures, such as the polar bear and the tiger – which are on the verge of extinction – has been installed in Hyper-realistic palatial 3D backgrounds. These will be auctioned and the profits will be used for the conservation of these species, according to Suvigya.

Suvigya Sharma’s latest book ‘Perishious’ aims to raise awareness about endangered species like the polar bear (Source: PR Handout)

The artist, who has created works for many well-known personalities, and also created portraits of celebrities like Justin Bieber, Kangana Ranaut, Sachin Tendulkar, Rani Mukherjee, among others, is also helping to restore centuries-old works in India and to abroad like the city. Jaipur Palace, Singapore Art Museum, and more, with its wall art and frescoes.

The 39-year-old who has more than two decades of experience in the art space talks to about preserving India’s long-lost heritage, NFTs and digital artworks, and what satisfies him as an artist.

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Tell us about your background.

It has been 22 years of practicing, nurturing and preserving Indian folk art, and it has been quite a journey. This is because when I entered the art fraternity it was very difficult to establish a career in art as contemporary art forms took over and the oldest art form, miniature Indian, almost perished. Miniature art runs in my blood. This is a form that requires a lot of patience to execute. I consider myself one of the torchbearers to bring this precious art form back to life. I will define my philosophy of art as Saundaryashastr (the aesthetics and precision that evolves with an emphasis on inducing particular spiritual or philosophical states in connoisseurs or on their symbolic representation). It deals with most of the general principles of aesthetic understanding of the world by any human activity.

Suvigya Sharma Artwork by Suvigya (Source: PR Handout)

What has influenced your works over the years?

My inspiration comes from everything around me – geometry, the beautiful blue sky, the statics of nature and the beautiful colors of life. For me, art is the peace of my soul, it is meditation. There is no life without art. Hailing from Jaipur has been an integral part of my aesthetic sense.

Tell us about your foray into NFTs.

I’ve been in the NFT space for five years now. My recent “Perishious” collection gave me the opportunity to delve deeper into space. I collaborated exclusively with OwlUnited – a revolutionary NFT project, build an inclusive investment club where every NFT holder would be an active shareholder of a licensed company. Mixed with art and philanthropy, the OwlCollection can cross all borders and is unlimited. Artwork in the collection designed by digital artists participating in a challenge is based on owls and part of it will be auctioned in a pre-sale auction.

I am happy to be the medium for digital artists who wish to pursue a career in digital art and open the skies to them to come up with truly unique designs for each NFT piece. NFT technology will allow us to be bigger, faster and stronger with transparency.

owl Suvigya Sharma on her recent NFT collaboration in the form of the Owl collection (Source: PR Handout)

Why did you choose art as a medium to save endangered species?

I am an animal lover. There are very few organizations in the world working to conservation, saving the beautiful endangered species that are perishing. Additionally, choosing art as a medium to promote conservation has the power to reach places where other mediums cannot.

hyperrealistic lion Suvigya Sharma masters hyper-realistic artwork (Source: PR Handout)

You practice various styles of art; what do you like the most?

It takes a month to three months minimum to paint a masterpieces. Every work I make should have a sense of hyper-realistic detail and intricacy. So anything done wholeheartedly is immensely satisfying.

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