California Environmental Laws and Policies Update – January 2022 #3 | Allen Matkins



Associated Press – January 15

Los Angeles County said it was suing tenants and owners of a warehouse where a fire released illegally stored chemicals into a drain and caused a stench that lasted for weeks. The smell of hydrogen sulfide gas caused a public nuisance affecting thousands of residents of the town of Carson, according to the lawsuit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court. The lawsuit alleges that tenants and owners of the storage facility were aware of the dangers at the site and failed to take steps to prevent the unsafe conditions that led to the fire.

Ball The Mercury News – January 14

Endangered coho salmon are returning this winter to streams in Marin County, where they have long been absent, thanks to intense rains that scientists say will become more frequent as the state oscillates between drought and the weather-related flood. This is rare good news for a species whose population has plummeted in recent decades due to development and pollution. In the San Francisco Bay Area, thousands of salmon historically made the annual return migration from the Pacific Ocean to the coves of Marin County to spawn.

Ball ABC News – January 15

In order to reduce emissions, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is changing the way some planes land at US airports. Currently, most planes approach airports to land by descending in a stair-step method, which requires them to repeatedly level off and run the engines during the descent. Under the FAA’s new 42 Optimized Profile Descents, or OPDs, aircraft will instead descend from cruising altitude to the runway in a smoother continuous path with engines set to near idle. The move is part of the agency’s work to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions in the aviation sector by 2050.

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