Colorado Edition: Not So Threatened Species; wildlife migration; air quality depletion


After decades on the endangered species list, the Humpback Chub, a fish native to the Colorado River, has been promoted to “threatened” status. KUNC Alex hager tells us more about the species’ gradual recovery and what this means for the Colorado River.

In September, Colorado state officials released the Big Game Migration and Wildlife Connectivity Policy Report, which offers more migration routes for big game while preserving as much land as possible. Michelle cowardin, Wildlife Movement Coordinator for Colorado Parks and Wildlife, explains why more migration routes are needed.

While many American cities have been successful in lowering harmful ozone levels, many Western cities experienced some of the worst air quality levels on the planet last year. Kaiser Health News Environmental Journalist Jim robbins helps explain why.

This episode of Colorado Edition was hosted by Henry Zimmerman (@kombuchacowboy) and edited by Tess Novotny (@tess_novotny). Our production team includes Alana Schreiber (@ayyschreib) and Rae Salomon (@ raedear1). KUNC News Director Brian Larson is our executive producer. Web was edited by digital publisher Jackie Hai.

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