Dhami inaugurates the first crocodile trail from Ukhand to Khatima


Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami on Wednesday inaugurated Uttarakhand’s first crocodile trail in Kakra and a jungle safari in the Surai ecotourism zone in the East Terai forest division in Khatima, saying they will create opportunities employment for the inhabitants in addition to stimulating tourist activities in the region.

Located on the western outskirts of the Surai ecotourism zone, the Kakra Channel is home to swamp crocodiles – a species that has become extinct in countries like Bhutan and Myanmar.

The canal is currently home to over 100 marsh crocodiles.

The canalization and fencing of the canal was carried out for a distance of up to four km to build the Kakra Crocodile Trail. Three viewpoints and several watchtowers have been erected around the canal to facilitate safe crocodile viewing.

Dhami also launched a jungle safari trail through the Surai ecotourism area, known for its rich biodiversity.

Citing its rich biodiversity, Dhami said it can create direct and indirect employment opportunities for locals.

Locals can become gypsy owners, drivers and guides for the 40 km long safari trail, the chief minister said.

More than 150 species of birds, 125 species of mammals and 20 types of reptiles inhabit the 40 km scenic trail, he said.

Khatima is the constituency of the chief minister’s assembly.

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