Dolphin rescued from Irrawaddy dies despite weeks of treatment


A young Irrawaddy dolphin who was rescued and cared for around the clock for weeks by vets and volunteers after being rescued from a tidal pool on Thailand’s coast has died despite their best efforts, officials said on Wednesday. who were providing emergency care to the animal.

The baby was nicknamed Paradon, roughly translated as “brotherly burden”, when he was found by fishermen on July 22, and dozens of vets and volunteers helped care for him at the Thai Center for Research and development on marine and coastal resources in Rayong in the Gulf of Thailand.

“We were quite shocked because it happened so quickly. Paradon has improved a lot since we found him,” said Oranee Jongkolpath, a veterinarian at the center.

”He started falling ill again on August 31, having difficulty breathing and suffering from diarrhoea. His condition deteriorated very rapidly and he died that night. Oranee, along with his colleagues and volunteers, had provided round-the-clock surveillance of the injured calf.

The team caring for Paradon said an initial examination revealed an infection in his lungs, but are awaiting full lab results to determine the exact cause of death.

“Although we couldn’t save Paradon’s life, we learned a lot from it. Not many people have cared for the Irrawaddy dolphins, let alone a calf. All we have done in a month of care for him are all lessons learned for us, from his behavior, his food intake, and even his illness,” explains Oranee.

Irrawaddy dolphins, considered a vulnerable species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, are found in the shallow coastal waters of South and Southeast Asia and in three rivers in Myanmar, in Cambodia and Indonesia. Their survival is threatened by habitat loss, pollution and fishing, when dolphins are unwittingly caught with other species.

Marine research center officials estimate that there are around 400 Irrawaddy dolphins left along the country’s east coast on the border with Cambodia.

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