Elon Musk warns of ‘100% chance of extinction’ unless humanity moves to other planets


Billionaire inventor Elon Musk has made the explosive claim that there is a “100% chance that all species will become extinct” unless humans move to other planets.

Musk has always had an ambition to make human life “multi-planetary” and has made it a key SpaceX ambition.

The Tesla businessman made the statement on Twitter, writing, “There is a 100% chance of extinction of *all* species due to the expanding sun unless humanity make life multiplanetary.”

Musk had responded to a tweet about a recent study that claims there is evidence that a sixth global biodiversity mass extinction event is on the way, this time caused entirely by human activities.

Colonizing and living on Mars is the main motivation behind SpaceX’s ambitious plans to build Starship, a high-tech rocket that should be more powerful than any other in existence thanks to its Raptor engines.

However, while the richest man in the world certainly takes care of SpaceX projects, he rarely offers the public much time.

That is, until now. Pressed by podcast host Lex Fridman about how long it will take SpaceX to land a human on Mars, Musk finally came up with something in the form of a timeline.

Musk has always had an ambition to make human life “multi-planetary” and has made it a key SpaceX ambition

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After an awkwardly long pause of more than twenty seconds, Musk replied:

“Hmm…best case is about five years, worst case is ten years.”

Musk explained that the main obstacle to getting Boots on Red Planet soil is the need to build Starship.

He told Fridman, “Starship is the most complex, advanced rocket that’s ever been made by an order of magnitude or something. That’s a lot. It’s really next level.”

This is because Starship is designed to carry a much heavier payload into space at a much cheaper cost than conventional rockets, allowing vital materials to be transported into space.

Musk says this is necessary in order to reduce costs enough to make a city on Mars financially viable. He said:

“Right now you can fly to Mars for $1 trillion. No amount of money could get you a ticket to Mars. So we have to get this as something that is actually possible.

“But we don’t just want to have flags and footprints with Mars and not come back for half a century like we did with the Moon. I think we have to be a multiplanetary species.”


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