Famous wetland home to a third of Turkey’s bird species


A year of bird research and monitoring studies in the Gediz Delta shows that more than a third of the breeding bird species in the country originated in the world-famous wetland of the west of the Turkey.

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Sharing details of their findings, Şafak Arslan, the Nature Association’s biodiversity research coordinator, explained that important findings have come to light as a result of in-depth studies.

Arslan noted that studies such as counting birds, determining nightlife areas for birds, regular birding, counting flamingo nests, and monitoring bird migration in spring and fall had been carried out in the delta throughout the year.

Noting that they have done an exemplary job for Turkey in their intense fieldwork that spanned four seasons, Arslan said the delta provides habitat for thousands of living species through the different types of habitats it houses.

“As a result of our observations for a year, we have witnessed the life cycle of 186 species of birds. We revealed that over a third of the number of bird species breeding in Turkey breed in the delta, ”Arslan said.

“We did a count of flamingo nests after the breeding season and determined that 13,750 nests were made this year, while the number of flamingos spawned was lower than we expected,” he said. he noted.

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Citing the main reason for the decline as being the erosion of the flamingo breeding island, Arslan said the good news was that authorities were planning a study on the matter.


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