FEEDBACK FRIDAY: Here’s what readers are saying about this week’s news


Development, homelessness, the arts, policing and the thin blue line flag dominate this week’s comments

At the bottom of all local stories posted on BarrieToday, readers have the option to submit comments. Here’s a look at what readers had to say about what made the news last week:

25 november

LETTER: Group questions MPP methodology behind SCS survey

The survey sent by ACSM and CBS applicants for the first proposed site was equally biased with the same type of questions “Leading questions, loaded questions, double-barreled questions, using absolutes in questions and not being clear.” I asked myself the question never heard back and they based their supposed support on those answers. These kinds of questions on any survey are obviously biased, so never give a real result. Shame on everyone who does this. – Pat N.

24 november

Historic locomotive could stay parked in Midhurst thanks to museum donation

The railroad has played a big part in Barrie’s history. It belongs, completely restored, to a section of railway line in front of the restored Allandale station. -Brian C.

23 november

City council asks county officials about housing during budget negotiations

With regard to the housing shortage in Barrie, I think one of the big mistakes is letting people in the GTA buy houses, condos, etc. I tried for eight months to find a house, a condo or an apartment for a couple living here, and to no avail! They had to go to Newmarket to an apartment for rent. Barrie must find / build housing for Barrie residents only. I am of the age where I would like to sell my house and move into a condo or seniors’ residence but can’t afford it or even find any location in Barrie. Why should older people in particular leave our hometown and lose our doctor, dentist, friends, church, etc.? And we are the ones who helped build this beautiful place. Gail W.

EVERYTHING KING: set a reminder to receive a reminder

This whole rant is just ridiculous. Smart people are able to keep track of the things that affect them. In my opinion, a business cannot work with people like these. The government should stop reminding people when things are due, it would save a lot of resources and maybe they could keep doing something useful. Don’t wrap purchases, what do you do when you watch someone else wrap your purchases? The cost of bagging their purchases is simply passed on to the consumer; the bagger does not work for nothing. This company is becoming far too legitimate. People think he should provide whatever they want without any effort on their part. In my opinion, a large number of people become lazy and lose the ability to think. Moreover, in my opinion, this article perfectly reflects that. – Vince M.

Take these vehicles off the streets again tonight, the city plows will be out

Where are the officers of the arrested? The vast majority of residents ignore the signage. -Brian C.

Advisor again insists on more accommodation options outside the system

It’s a shame Ms. Harris is not running for a second term. She’s the kind of voice on the board Barrie needs! – Pierre B.

22 november

Flap on “polarizing” thin blue line flag results in suspension of student and planned protest

Would he have been suspended if he had flown a BLM flag? – Ian R.

In addition to the division that this presents, and I generally support the police, it degrades our flag. Prohibited. – Pat N.

Despite the reduction in the capital budget, funding for the proposed Performing Arts Center remains unchanged

Meanwhile, the boondoggle called Pratt Center (ex-Mady) is empty at Five Points. Why do we need another performing arts center? I am a big supporter of the arts, but this decision makes little sense. -Brian C.

COLUMN: A quiet walk in the woods ends in disbelief

I have used this trail all summer with no issues. Probably the reduced traffic allowing thieves. I’m wondering if we’re going to come up with a shield for the catalytic converters or something to prevent that. Cameras in the parking lot would help keep everyone safe for now. – Zapp B.

OUTSIDE: What sets us apart from all other living things?

While these may not be stories per se, some species need to pass something from their past to the next generation in some way… Migration being the first thing that strikes me. came to mind. Some species repeat the migration every year, thus teaching the next generation, while others only migrate once, lay eggs and die, but somehow the next generation knows what to do. Just a thought. – Pat O.

21 November

Mysterious holes testify to attempt to build navigation channel in Georgian Bay

It’s a fascinating story. It is also a warning about Canada’s ability to dream big, but its failure to turn our dreams into reality. The history of the Rideau Canal illustrates this well. Colonel John By, in charge of the construction of the canal, decided early on that he had to enlarge the airlocks of the locks to accommodate the larger ships of the future. Remember, that was around 1828. Shortly after completing the canal, he was charged with unauthorized construction expenses. Although exempt, its engineering has never been properly recognized. He died just three years later. Today we recognize his feat of engineering and admire the result, which has continued to operate for nearly 190 years virtually unchanged from its original. – Pierre B.

November 20

Council cuts investment budget for next decade to cut taxes

My question and concern is, will inflation drive the cost of these proposed capital projects beyond the cost of borrowing money today and therefore implementing them now? – Rick W.

November 19

Public school board takes ‘cautious’ approach to return to regular semesters

A return to regular semesters, four lessons a day for students, would be preferable for students and teachers. And would have little or no effect on COVID measures. A retired teacher and sometimes a substitute teacher here, the current system is too demanding on children and teachers. It’s time to get back closer to normal. -Steve K.

Barrie Police must be more inclusive and reflect community, internal report says

I applaud the Barrie Police Services for taking steps to improve representation. I would just advise them to focus on equality of opportunity versus equality of outcome. Also recognizing that the field startup roles differ greatly from the administration / management roles. It’s not easy to balance, but what caught my attention in the story is the reference to the able-bodied. As a person who uses a wheelchair for most of my life, I would accept nothing but a fully capable officer in most emergency situations. Just as we would expect the strongest and the fittest, when strength is needed. Having the right life skills and the desire to serve the community in a far to frequent dangerous environment are powerful credentials. Ingredients that go further to strengthen a strong police force. Just a few comments from the public. Keep up the good work. – Colin W.

November 18

Group calls on councils to demand federal intervention in Bradford Bypass ‘boondoggle’

The bypasses certainly have a particular election campaign smell. Since one of these bypasses is to channel traffic from Highway 404 to Highway 400, I anticipate a significant increase in traffic in Barrie, particularly on Friday and Sunday afternoons. If there have been studies, they have not been made public certainly not to residents of Barrie. – Pierre B.

LETTER: Busby Center seeks to clarify “several misrepresentations” made about installation

The rules of the refuge are not respected. – Dan W.


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