Good Weekend Letters to the Editor: March 26


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The trial game
Thank you, Sian Prior, for writing about your life experience and others’ reactions to your status as a “childless woman” [March 12]. I’m often amazed at how people think they know other people’s motivations, backstory, and personality traits based on a single piece of information. What a leap – and what arrogance. Now all we have to do is get those people to read articles like yours; to reflect and think, to understand the complexities of the human condition and to have compassion and respect for everyone.
Sarah Potter
Leichhardt, New South Wales


Forty years ago, at the start of our marriage, it quickly became apparent that starting a family was not going to be easy. Several failed IVF attempts followed, and then we did what any smart, educated, professional couple would face in such a crisis – we fled to Tassie on this occasion. Upon our return, the IVF clinic contacted us to ask if we intended to use our remaining embryos. Our answer was no, and it was the most empowering decision of the process. So we started sailing the rickety boat of life again and charted a different course. One without nappies, canteen service, school formalities and grandchildren, but very fulfilling for both of us in every way. Do not abandon.
Names retained
Seaforth, New South Wales

As a GP, I see an increasing number of single women turning to modern medicine for help in having a much-desired baby. Yet, wonderful as they are, IVF services are marketing a technological answer to a surely more complex and tricky question: what is it that makes so many women miss having children at the time when they are biologically most ready?
Dr. Susanne Oldmeadow
Ivanhoe East, Vic

Sian Prior and other women who are childless by choice can take comfort in knowing that they have not contributed to the “relentless bad news about species extinction and climate change” induced by the man.
Karen Joynes
Bermagui, New South Wales

Articles like this can be hurtful to those who don’t fit the family that Prior assumes is normal. I never knew my father and only met my schizophrenic mother when I was 20 years old. When I got married, I wanted to adopt or adopt, and I felt guilty for all those forgotten children when I got pregnant. I want my children to come into adulthood knowing how lucky they are, but also, knowing that your own DNA is not the only “option” to experience the ultimate state of parenthood, source of love.
Masked name
Darlinghurst, New South Wales

two of us
Keenan Mundine and Carly Stanley [March 12] are living proof that with the right support, a stable home, and at least one person who has unwavering faith in our ability to change, we can rise above our circumstances and achieve amazing things.
Belinda key
Vincentia, New South Wales

Risky topics
I nominate Karina Carvalho [March 12] as the best newsreader since James Dibble. I have never heard her – since 2007 – be wrong!
Ian Brown
Sandringham, Vic


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