Is SpaceX the answer to “extinction”? Elon Musk discusses multiplanetary life and the expansion of the Sun


Billionaire and multi-tech CEO Elon Musk believes all species will become extinct in the future, including humans, and everyone can avoid this if they make life multi-planetary. SpaceX is at the center of it all, especially with the impending catastrophe of the Sun’s expansion which will cause said extinction, bringing different species from planet to planet.

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Human extinction soon? Experts believe the universe is ending

Robert Cowie’s research into the sixth mass extinction is just one of many theories surrounding the future and how humans play a role in it. These researchers believe that many environmental factors indicate or anticipate signs that give clues to the future of another extinction-level threat.

Whether the entire universe is ending is unknown, but studies focus on the human planet Earth to end soon. Nevertheless, these studies are only theories at this time, and despite the presence of evidence on said mass extinction event, there is no guarantee that the world will end in the future.

Research serves as an early warning for people, especially those who abuse the lives given to them and the resources widely available.

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The Expansion of the Sun: SpaceX Multiplanetary Life Savior?

In a tweet from the billionaire Elon Musk, he agrees and believes that life on Earth is ending, and that doesn’t just apply to humans, but to all species. The CEO believes that the expansion of the Sun has everything to do with the demise of the world, soon affecting humans and contributing to their extinction.

However, Musk also believes making life multiplanetary can help save the human race, and SpaceX sits in the middle of it all.

SpaceX’s efforts to make life multiplanetary

SpaceX’s craft, known as the “Starship,” will be the spacecraft of choice for traveling to Mars and other planets, as it is one of the most sophisticated and capable of enduring travel. First of all, it’s made from stainless steel, so it’s perfect for Mars and its iron-rich atmosphere which can cause rust and oxidation to destroy metals.

The first test launch of the Starship and the Super Heavy Booster in 2022 is one of the most anticipated by space fans and the public. It is only awaiting environmental approval from the FAA which would be key for the spacecraft to obtain its license. After getting what he needs and testing appropriately, he’s already on his way to Mars on his first uncrewed mission.

For now, it’s SpaceX’s most prized asset and the candidate to make life multiplanetary and help it go places humans have never gone before. The new terrains and areas to venture into can be frightening and unfamiliar, but Musk believes progress doesn’t just stop on Earth.

Mars is just one of many planets that SpaceX aims to venture to and reach.

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