Jurassic Park Almost Tossed Aside Science For Weirder Velociraptors


Since their debut, Jurassic Park’s velociraptors have become a franchise staple, but an even weirder design nearly popped up.

the jurassic park franchise discusses how having the power to act like a god shouldn’t deserve to make one’s decisions, and his commentary on natural creation and genetic power also speaks to the notion that not all dinosaurs in movies look alike not what they should in real life. It’s now common knowledge that dinosaurs had feathers and looked more like birds, but that didn’t stop the creators from creating creatures with totally unexpected styles, as seen in the first film.

One of the most terrifying scenes in jurassic park it’s when a pair of velociraptors follow the two kids, Lex and Tim, into the kitchen of the Discovery Center. In a white-knuckled cat-and-mouse game, the audience must watch escape from massive predators. However, the scene also offers a more interesting look at how species operate and coordinate attacks in the film and how they differ from their realistic counterparts. However, these differences were almost taken a step further with Spielberg wanting to change their design to another reptilian style.

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According to a internal business article, rather than having them function as a hybrid of bird and lizard, early concepts for raptors had them move like snakes. This involved having them use a forked tongue, but with paleontologist Jack Horner to consult, he was able to point Spielberg in the right direction, making sure the raptors were depicted correctly.

Horner was adamant they shouldn’t use their language like that. Although not scientifically accurate, it would have been more in line with the depiction of dinosaurs in the book if the decision had stood. The article also revealed that the T-Rex had a forked tongue in Michael Crichton’s book. Had the choice remained, it might have added to the commentary on how humans will trade precision for excitement.

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The final raptor designs helped correctly represent creatures found in the fossil record and supported the idea that these creatures were more birds than reptiles. Although they had scales, their movements were either methodical when hunting or jerky when observing, mirroring that of a bird, and erasing the idea of ​​a forked tongue, this left the creatures having more personality.

jurassic park is a unique film because it doesn’t adhere to the science behind real-life creatures, but in that inaccuracy the story thrived because it showed the inherent dangers of genetic power. Ironically, these changes were in action during production, but while some changes slipped between the lines, others, like a raptor’s forked tongue, didn’t. In doing so, the story avoided sounding too campy and allowed the creatures to go in a more terrifying direction.

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