Kashmir’s wetlands and lakes are home to rare bird species among 4 lakh migratory visitors this season


Srinagar: At least four lakh migratory birds have arrived in the valley to keep their rendezvous with the area, officials said.

This year’s bird migration, however, caught the attention of bird lovers and Kashmiri wetland officials, as around 20 rare bird species were found among the guests who visited the area. for the first time.

Each year, Kashmir welcomes thousands of birds from migrating areas of Central Asia, including Siberia, northern China and northern Europe. These birds stay in Kashmir until March.

“This year we have four lakhs of migratory birds in our wetlands across Kashmir. The main highlight of this year’s bird migration is that we have received rare bird species that were spotted for the very first time in the wetlands of Kashmir, ”said a senior wildlife department official. , to the Kashmir News Observer news agency.

“These birds know their route very well because they are always led by a pilot bird who is old enough and experienced to travel long routes.”

The official said they expect more arrivals by the end of February. “At present, we have about a lakh of migratory birds in the Hokersar wetlands and another land in Hygam, while there are over 50,000 migratory birds in the Shallbugh bird sanctuary. In other lakes and bird habitats of Kashmir, there are over a million birds present, ”he said.

He said there are hundreds of migratory birds also present in Chatlum and also some 30,000 in Lake Wular. In Dal Lake, there are over a million migratory birds, ”the official said.

Kashmir Wetlands Division Wildlife Custodian Ifshan Dewan told the news agency that in Hokersar there were more than a thousand migratory birds.

“This time there are 10 to 20 rare bird species that have arrived. Bird lovers and bird watchers have identified new guests with our staff and we analyze their nature and habitat etc. She said.

She said the migratory birds include new guests who are the sharp-tailed sandpiper, brilliant ibis, Dunlin, narrow-billed phalarope, yellow hammer, whistling swan, black-tailed godwit, barge. Barred-tailed, Common Sandpiper, Kentish Plover, Pacific Golden Plover, Plover, Terrek Sandpiper, Curlew Sandpiper, Ruff, Common Sandpiper, Common Green Knight, Snipe, Sharp-tailed Snipe, Common Snipe, Small Passage, etc. .

She said a bird watcher, Riyan Sofi, was working hard with wetland staff to identify new guests in Kashmir’s wetlands. Regarding poaching, she said special teams have been formed to prevent poaching.

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