Letter: The budget is a failure


In a colossal failure of leadership, Rep. Rosa DeLauro — who represents the people of New Haven and is chair of the powerful House Appropriations Committee — released a final omnibus budget last week that represents a huge missed opportunity to stem the wildlife extinction crisis not just here in Connecticut but around the world.

This budget was one of the last opportunities for Democrats to make bold investments in our natural heritage ahead of November’s midterm elections. Many in the conservation community – including the organization I work for – hoped that DeLauro would challenge the status quo and take bold action to protect our planet.

We were wrong.

The fiscal year 2022 budget leaves funding for endangered species virtually unchanged, with funding for the recovery of our country’s 1,800 endangered species increasing by only $3 million, or $1,600 per species . Funding to deal with the 400 species still awaiting protection would remain frozen. An endorsement to prevent the listing of the greater sage-grouse remains for another year even as the birds continue their slide into oblivion.

A million species are in danger of disappearing in the decades to come if we do not act. If our current leaders do not rise to the challenge, we must elect those who will.

Stephanie Kurose

Northeast Policy Director, Center for Biological Diversity Action Fund

New city


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