Maha: Invasive tilapia fish cause survival problems for other species, expert says


The spread of the highly adaptive Tilapia fish in the country’s water bodies is alarming as its presence harms the growth of other species, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University expert said on Sunday.

Dr Gulab Khedkar, director of the Center for Coastal and Marine Diversity in Ratnagiri. a body under Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, told PTI that tilapia entered the country during British times and was very expensive in the aquarium trade, before invading almost every fish tank. water and create survival problems for other species.

He came from Bangladesh and was also encouraged by illegal hatcheries, Khedkar said, adding that genetic enhancement to reduce their birth rate was the most practical way to control the situation.

”It was not dominant until 1995, but since then it has endangered almost all species. Tilapia spawn by the time they are six weeks old and can give birth to 300 young at a time, all of which have a high survival rate,” he said.

He said Tilapia can survive in bodies of water with less oxygen and are omnivores that eat everything, including the eggs of other fish.

”In Godavari, there are about 110 species of fish. They are now in danger because of the presence of Tilapia. Genetically enhanced tilapia, which weigh 700 grams and cannot breed much, can help reduce their spread,” Khedkar said.

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