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Since the landmark 1973 U.S. Supreme Court Roe vs. Wade decision recognizing a pregnant woman’s decision to abort her fetus without government interference, various states in the U.S. that opposed the verdict have signed a legislation to regulate abortions in their jurisdiction. One such law was passed by the state of Mississippi in 2018, on this date, which prohibited abortions after 15 weeks of gestation. Called the Gestational Age Act, this law provided an exception in the event of a medical emergency or in the event of a severe fetal abnormality. However, pregnancies caused by rape or incest were not allowed to abort after 15 weeks. This is the strictest abortion restriction in the United States of America. The state, which has a population of 29.8 lakh spread across 82 counties, has only one official abortion clinic.

Facing the inevitable
Often known as the most social rhino species, the white rhino faces a sad and inevitable extinction. In 2018, the world’s last male white rhino died in Kenya, leaving only two females of his species alive. These species, which are close to extinction, are called extant species. Humans’ indiscriminate hunting of this gentle giant for its horn is what has caused this fate for the species. Interestingly, white rhinos are actually gray. The name is due to a mispronounced translation from the Dutch language for the word “wide”, which referred to its wide mouth.

What’s Happening in Vegas
The very romantic Las Vegas casinos actually became legal on this date in 1931 after Nevada Governor Fred Balzar signed a bill to legalize gambling in the state. The impact this had on the state’s economy was unprecedented. Today, Nevada has 433 casinos, with the Las Vegas Strip having 30 casinos. In 2021, even as the world spent a year besieged by the COVID-19 pandemic, Nevada casinos managed to rack up $12 billion in revenue.



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