Morro Bay delights, from sea otters to monarch butterflies


Unique adventures along the Central Coast

Morro Bay, California – Morro Bay is a nature lover’s paradise. Winter is the ideal setting for observing wildlife in Morro Bay, whether you’re interested in the hundreds of different bird species that migrate during the colder months, or seeing cute baby sea otters during whelping season.

During the visit, it is crucial to take advantage of the natural assets while joining the effort to protect them. This sustainable journey helps keep wildlife and preserve their habitats for all future generations.

The unique nature of Morro Bay:

Bird watching

Designated an Important Bird Area by the National Audubon Society, Morro Bay is a vital stopover for many seabirds and shorebirds during their migrations. Although prevalent throughout the year, winter offers the greatest variety of bird species in our region.

sea ​​otters

Morro Bay has an active sea otter population year round. They tend to stay close to shore which allows for excellent and safe viewing. Near South T-Pier, along Harbor Walk and next to Target Rock are some of the most popular places to catch these Morro Bay sea lebrities. You can help keep the population healthy by not creating any disturbance – if the otters change their behavior or move away, you’re too close. Calving takes place throughout the year, with a peak period from October to January and a secondary peak in March and April.

Beneath the surface

Many creatures live in the bay, and the majority of them reside just below the surface. The tidal pools of North Morro Bay are a great place to see these aquatic creatures up close without harming them. For a more active experience, take a paddleboard or kayak nature tour with one of the rental companies. Local guides will show you exactly where to look and what to look at. You can also view and learn more about all most common species online with this web guide.

whale watching

Throughout the year, a variety of whales swim off Morro Bay. Although sometimes visible from our beaches, a whale watching excursion is the best way to discover these giants. Tours depart from the Embarcadero daily.

Migration of the monarch butterfly

Flying thousands of miles during their migration, Monarchs congregate in the eucalyptus groves of Morro Bay State Park to stay warm and roost/rest. Usually visited between December and March, this is a sight not to be missed!

Learn about the natural environment and the animals that inhabit Morro Bay at the natural History Museum and the Morro Bay Estuary Nature Center.


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