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Our pollinators face many challenges, but you don’t need a garden to help them. Whether it’s a back patio, apartment balcony, or even a high-rise rooftop, you can create a little piece of heaven by planting native wildflowers to give your home a boost. our insect neighbours. If you have land, consider planting a pollinator garden or strips of pollinator habitat, especially if you have a farm.

Pollinators – moths, wasps, bees and butterflies, to name a few – are extremely important to our ecosystem. In fact, many of them are keystone species, meaning they help define the whole ecosystem. Without them, this system would be radically different or cease to exist altogether. We rely on them for agriculture, food and a healthy environment.

A Karner Blue butterfly rests on a plant.

Many important pollinators, such as Karner’s blue butterfly, rusty-patched bumblebee and monarch butterfly, are threatened with extinction due to habitat destruction, climate change, pollution and pesticide use . Other pollinators, such as bats and birds, suffer from disease, climate disruption and habitat loss. Habitat construction and maintenance can help prevent the extinction of these important species.

Check out the Xerces Society Plant Lists, MSU Native Plants and Ecosystem Services, MSU Pollinator Resources, or find your local Conservation District for resources, tips, seeds, and plants.

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