Navi Mumbai: over 40,000 trees up to 15 feet tall in Koparkhairane Miyawaki plantation


Navi BombayMore than 40,000 trees of nearly 60 native species, which were planted between January and March 21, at a Miyawaki plantation in Nisarg Udyan in Koparkhairane, have grown to 15 feet, the NMMC commissioner informed via Twitter.

Under Majhi Vasundhara Abhiyan, Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation set up a Miyawaki plantation in Nisarg Udyan, Koparkhairane. More than 40,000 trees of nearly 60 native species, which were planted from January to March 21, have already reached 15 feet, ”he tweeted. .

“It is rapidly evolving as a habitat for various rare birds, adding to the biodiversity of the region. The project, fully funded by CSR, is implemented by the Green Yatra Foundation,” the NMMC commissioner tweeted.

Maharashtra Minister Aaditya Thackeray welcomed the Miyawaki planting initiative on Wednesday, saying the satellite city is leading by example.

“I have always believed that cities should lead the way when it comes to climate action. Here, the urban forests of Navi Mumbai lead by example. This is just one of the many urban forests established over the course of last year at Navi Mumbai and cities like Navi Mumbai in the state. Carry on like this Navi Mumbai, “Thackeray wrote via Twitter.

What is Miyawaki Forest?

Started in the 1970s by botanist and plant ecologist Akira Miyawaki of Yokohama National University in Japan, the microforestation model seeks to expand green cover on land by feeding mainly native plant species on small plots of land. Earth. A Miyawaki Model Forest can achieve growth in five to ten years, while a natural forest takes 25 to 30 years to reach the same level of growth.

The model has been replicated across continents, especially among communities where land pressure is high. It has been shown to be effective in combating the adverse effects of environmental degradation and climate change by preserving biodiversity, saving plants from extinction, protecting communities from natural disasters and serving as a bulwark against air and noise pollution.

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Posted on: Wednesday December 29th, 2021 12:29 IST


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