Protecting nature for generations to come


Over the past two years, many of us have discovered nature like never before. With our favorite indoor spots closed and social separation separating us, we explored parks, hiked ravines, and discovered new forest trails.

These same places are home to thousands of species, hundreds of which are endangered. Of the 500 species at risk in Canada, more than 50% of them live near or in cities. Every time a species goes extinct, it is a sign that nature is dying.

Wildlands League is committed to preserving our parks, forests, rivers, lakes and oceans for you and your children. We are tackling the irresponsible development that threatens Ontario’s nature and wildlife habitats. We give voice to Canada’s nature for our children, for the climate and for the planet, with the goal of protecting 30% of Canada’s natural land and water by 2030.

But we need your help.

With donor support, we have already advanced the protection of marine life in the Hudson and James Bay, secured the protection of Rouge National Park in Toronto, and prevented the logging of half a million dollars. ‘hectares of unspoiled northern forests.

In southern Ontario, the Golden Horseshoe is both an extinction hotspot and a zero point for climate impacts. That’s why increasing protection, connection and restoration will be a game-changer for the future of our planet.

More than just public parks, we are talking about grasslands where songbirds sing, ecological corridors where species can thrive and protected lands where wildlife can leave paw prints in the snow, all close to home. This natural network will protect our ecosystems and have the greatest impact in Canada in stopping species extinction. More Nature is our best buffer against extreme heat and flooding.

Donating to Wildlands League will help protect everything you love. Give a gift today at and help us secure the future you promised for your children and grandchildren.


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