Real World Animals ACNH Sequel Should Be Added As Villagers


Animal Crossing: New Horizons did not add any new village animal species, which gives New Horizons‘ continued ample opportunity to add new types of real-world animals. Although New Horizons did not introduce any new species of villagers, the game added 16 new villagers to the series. The previous game in the series, Animal Crossing: New Leafadded hamster and deer villagers to the series for the first time.

With new sheetthere are 35 different species of village animals that can be categorized into the animal crossing series. Some can realistically overlap, such as penguins, ostriches, ducks, eagles, and chickens all being different bird species, while a general “bird” is also its own village species. But in the world of animal crossingall these villagers have very distinct appearances from each other and are recognizable at a glance thanks to their very particular silhouettes and sizes.


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While 35 different species might already seem like a lot, there are always more types of animals for villagers to build upon. Some animals are used as the basis for various animal crossing NPCs but haven’t been turned into villagers yet, while other animals don’t appear as characters in games at all. Let it be next animal crossing game is a direct sequel to the smash hit New Horizons or just another entry in the long-running series, there are plenty of animals that new species of villagers can be based on. There are so many possibilities, in fact, that fans have created their own animal crossing villagers based on both pre-existing and entirely new species. The cute style of animal crossing The games mean almost anything can work, opening up the possibilities for new species of villagers even more.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Sequel Should Add Shark Villagers

animal crossing shark

Sharks would be a fun addition to the animal crossing collection of village species if they were stylized and made bipedal. Their body shape could be used to craft different types of villagers, such as dolphins, similar to how animal crossing alligators and crocodiles are interchangeable, how some deer villagers are more like antelope, and how ostrich villagers encompass a wide variety of non-ostrich birds such as peacocks and flamingos. While this might seem a bit awkward considering players can fish for sharks with their fishing rods, it’s still possible that shark villagers exist. After all, animal crossing players can also fish for frogs even if there are 20 different frog villagers.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Sequel Should Have Bat Villagers

Animal Crossing Bat Isabelle Thinking

Bats come in all shapes and sizes, from the pom-pom-shaped Honduran white bat to the wrinkle-faced bat what it says on the tin, and that diversity just might translate to a animal crossing village species. Although real bats have a wide variety of body lengths, animal crossing the bat villager can have a smaller, rounder body and large pointed ears to maximize its cute factor, similar to mouse villagers. Granted, many of the Mouse Villagers are some of the least popular in the series, but that’s usually down to individual design choices rather than the Mouse Villager base. Animal Crossing: New Horizons The new villager of 2.0, Petri, for example, is very popular for her smart and elegant design. Bat villagers who take a cuter, smarter approach to their design would make fantastic additions to the series.

Lizards would be a great villager species to add after Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing Lizards

There are many possibilities for lizard villagers in the animal crossing universe. Browse New Horizons is already a great example of how stylish lizards can be in the animal crossing Visual style. Different types of lizards can be designed by building on the same base. There are many possibilities for colorful and diverse lizard designs, both based on real lizard colorings and fantasy designs.

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Both approaches can also incorporate embellishments such as frills and horns to reference all sorts of reptilian creatures, from realistic to mythological. Colorful and adorable animal crossing Villager designs like Judy the Pooh or Ione the Squirrel have proven to be very popular, and similar approaches can easily be applied to lizard villagers when the real lizards already have a wide variety of colors and scale patterns. .

Axolotls should be added as a village species in the New Horizons sequel

Animal Crossing Axolotl

Although the lizard villagers in animal crossing have the potential to be transformed into other types of animals, such as the previously mentioned non-ostriches, it may be best to limit lizards to reptiles and dragons. Their frills could potentially be shaped to make a villager or two look like an axolotl, but axolotls really should be their own kind of villager. Not only aren’t axolotls reptiles, they’re also incredibly cute – which explains the inclusion of axolotls in other games such as Minecraft – justifying their own village species. So far, Dr. Shrunk is the only axolotl in the animal crossing universe, and a sequel to New Horizons could be a great opportunity to fix it. Like lizards, axolotls would work wonderfully with all sorts of color schemes and would make a fun addition to the series.

There should be fox villagers in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons sequel

Animal Crossing Foxes Redd

Foxes are a very popular animal, so it’s almost shocking that they haven’t been turned into one. animal crossing village species again. So far, Redd is the only fox to appear in the animal crossing series. His rivalry with Tom Nook is based on the traditional rivalry said to exist between the kitsune, or Japanese fox spirit – the inspiration for many characters in many games, such as Gorou in Genshin Impact – and the tanuki, the Japanese raccoon dog.

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In myth, these creatures can change shape and are often at odds with each other, both being mischievous in their own way. In some of these encounters, the tanuki may be portrayed as somewhat more heroic or sympathetic, and this is depicted in the animal crossing series as well: Redd is infamous for selling counterfeit paints and overall sleazy behavior. On the other hand, while Tom Nook is known for his expensive loans, he never charges players interest, and they can always pay it off at their own pace rather than at required intervals.

This rivalry may explain why foxes were not added as villagers in animal crossing yet, but their popularity as a species is too great to ignore. Some NPCs in the series share their species with villagers, such as animal crossingRover and Blanca’s cat NPCs. It is possible that foxes appear in the continuation of Animal Crossing: New Horizons as their own kind of villagers while keeping the rivalry between Tom Nook and Redd. With a cute base design, fox villagers would surely rival the popularity of other beloved village species, such as squirrels, cats, rabbits, and wolves.

Sloth Villagers Should Be Added To Animal Crossing After New Horizons

Animal Crossing Sloth Leif

Sloths are another animal that would make a fantastic kind of villager in a Animal Crossing: New Horizons after. Leif is an adorable sloth NPC who shows that sloths in the animal crossing the style is guaranteed cute and adorable. It would be fun to see the different village personalities on the sloths in addition to the clever designs they could each have.

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