Saving aquatic life: initiative of the forest service to educate children


Bahraich Forestry Division, in partnership with Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA), is taking action to curb the hunting of endangered aquatic animals in the district.

The Bahraich Forestry Division, in association with the Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA), has taken an initiative to curb the hunting of endangered aquatic animals in the district.

To raise awareness among children, especially those who cannot attend school, the forestry department held a free film on Sunday at the river conservation center near Ghaghraghat. The three-hour show included different short films based on the importance of aquatic animals like Ganges dolphins, ghariyal and turtles. “The children enjoyed the short films. The motive behind the organization of the show was to educate children about the importance of aquatic animals in the aquatic ecosystem, ”said Bahraich Manish Singh, Division Forestry Officer (DFO).

He said that several turtles and freshwater fish are very important in keeping the water ecosystem healthy as they consume dead matter and algae in rivers.

“Often turtles and dolphins get caught in fishermen’s nets. Several species of turtles like Batagur, Chitra Indica and Manouria are on the verge of extinction. The high demand for several species of turtles in the international market is also a matter of concern for the conservation of aquatic animals as well as for the balance of the aquatic ecosystem, ”he said.

“Most school children have some knowledge of the importance of aquatic animals, as environmental studies have now been introduced at the primary level in most schools. So we focused on raising awareness among children who did not go to school, ”Manish said.

“Children have been instructed to ask their parents to save turtles, dolphins and other endangered aquatic animal species,” he added.


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