Shawnee National Forest closes Snake Road early for spring migration | News


Wolf Lake, Illinois—Twice a year, the Shawnee National Forest closes Forest Service Highway #345, also known as Snake Road, to help ensure the safe crossing of several species of snakes and snakes. amphibians during a critical period of migration, from their winter habitat in the limestone cliffs across the road to their summer habitat in the LaRue Marsh.

Closely monitored factors such as local temperatures and reptile movements may cause the Forest Service to adjust the road closure time, which normally begins March 15 and ends May 15.

Due to unseasonably warm weather and increased reptile/amphibian activity at the site, the Forest Service closed Snake Road early Friday, March 4.and2022.

Although the road is closed to vehicles, it is open to pedestrians. Special regulations apply to the region. LaRue-Pine Hills/Otter Pond is a Federally Designated Natural Research Area and the unauthorized collection and handling of any species is prohibited under Federal and State law. It is important that visitors read and obey all site rules upon entering.

For more information the Migration of snakes leaflet is available on the Shawnee National Forest website. It explains the rules of the site and contains directions and a map.

For those wishing to keep up to date with adjustments to the road closure time, check out “Alerts” on the Shawnee website or follow them on Facebook Where Twitter.


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