The best marine dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution 2


The change everyone has been asking for, Jurassic World Evolution 2 allows players to get their hands on marine dinosaurs. While most dinosaurs aren’t what you’d call pretty, the camera does work and the photos you can get underwater more than make up for it. Glide through the huge lagoons of water and follow the smooth and unique mechanics for each species.

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While there isn’t a huge variety of dinosaurs to choose from, Evolution 2 made sure to include a lot of diversity in the ones it chose. If the original were to happen, the developers are working hard to fix even more species for players to use. From giant jumpers to fast hunters, the ever-changing environment makes this one of the most fun in the whole game. Here are all of the options.


marine dinosaurs

The Mosasaurus is one of the most popular marine dinosaurs, mainly due to its role in the Jurassic Park franchise, becoming the star attraction of subsequent films. Not only was this the main show for visitors, but he also ended up being a hero to everyone in the park, launching himself out of the habitat and taking out the opposing Indominus Rex.

One of the largest marine dinosaurs, the Mosasaurus is 55 feet tall, making it the largest species in its family. It’s not only one of the flashiest dinosaurs to have in your park, but it’s also one of the few that can save its intimidating appearance.



long neck underwater

King of its environment, that is to say until the arrival of Mosasaurus, Attenborosaurus now sticks to the hunt for fish and cephalopods. Despite its long neck and towering presence, the Attenborosaurus was typically 16 feet long, making it significantly smaller than other giants that lurk in the depths. What it lacks in size it makes up for with surprising speed, gliding through the water and taking out its miniature prey in one fell swoop.

Unlike the vast majority of Evolution 2 dinosaurs, Attenborosaurus has never appeared in the franchise before, making its debut in this game. For the first time, players will be able to see and control one of the fastest dinosaurs in the world. moment. Now that similar species can argue, keeping and caring for Attenborosarus will be key to its survival.


marine dinosaur

The Elasmosaurus has a much longer body than other plesiosaurs, mainly due to its giant neck that extends well beyond other family members. His neck was so long he could only lift his head out of the water, not exactly an athletic specimen. The dragon-like facial features and horned skull give it an evil look that can draw crowds with the right skin.

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Although he hasn’t appeared in any of the main films, the Elasmosaurus has appeared in several Jurassic Park games. The 43-foot body is half made up of its head and neck alone, making it an obvious target for conflicting marine dinosaurs or those who want to remove it from habitat completely. Anything that isn’t a Mesosaurus should be a safe bet, leaving it with just a few battle scars.



Whether you find him cute or scary, this Triassic dolphin will be available in packs. While he can survive on his own if you isolate him when he is young, Ichthyosaurs are most effective at hunting in groups, using their extreme speed to block Shoal’s schools. Considering their six feet in length, a group is the only place they can realistically survive among other dinosaurs.

Be careful, however, not to overcrowd the tank, as they can easily turn on each other, especially when there is not enough food for everyone. Unless you plan to keep an aquarium exclusive to the ichthyosaur, this delicate species requires careful monitoring, even lower marine dinosaurs can pose problems for this miniature hunter.


liopleurodon - marine dinosaur

The biggest size correction in dinosaur history, the Liopleurodon was massively oversized on the “Walking With Dinosaurs” show and made everyone believe it was even bigger than the Mosasaurus. The release of the most accurate model leaves it less than 20 feet long, which doesn’t stop it from being one of the prettiest dinosaurs in the game.

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Even though they may not compete for the top of the food chain, Liopleurodons have a great selection of in-game patterns and designs that make them a great aesthetic choice. They’re no slouch when it comes to hunting either, using that alligator-like jaw to eliminate small to medium-sized prey. Despite their average appearance, these dinosaurs can live in large populations as long as they are well fed without too many problems.



Another marine reptile on the small side of things, the Plesiosaurus has the most passive gaze of the entire lineup. Instead of horned armor or sharp teeth, this placid creature prefers to relax near the surface and eat fish. Having to breathe air regularly puts them at significant risk if they encounter some of the most active dinosaurs on the list.

Even its name means “near the lizard” because of its close resemblance to modern reptiles, especially a water snake. Growing only to 11 feet in length, you won’t need a large lagoon to store a few, especially if you are well equipped with fish delivery systems for hunting.


marine dinosaur

It might not be the biggest dinosaur in the lagoon, but the Tylosaurus’ demeanor more than makes up for its lack of size. That’s not to say he’s small, just three meters below the giant Mosasaurus. Any other species you put in the tank with this dinosaur will be endangered, it has an aggressive and territorial streak that even extends to its own genus.

More than one can create a real problem, even for the Mosasaurus, so be careful where you place that bully. The Tylosaurus offers gorgeous patterns and colors that almost make up for its wicked nature, drawing attention and nicely complementing an already successful show.

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