The Last Wild Dogs of Africa – NBC 7 San Diego


The African Painted Dog, also known as the African Wild Dog, like so many species, is on the way to extinction.

There are less than 6,000 painted dogs left in the wild in Africa. Habitat loss and human-wildlife conflict are the main threats to painted dog populations.

Painted dogs have a distinct appearance, with long legs, large rounded ears, and unique brown, black, white, red, and yellow coat patterns. They live in packs, with a strong social structure, and have a huge range, sometimes covering up to 40 miles per day.

NBC 7’s Dagmar Midcap traveled to South Africa to document efforts to save this species.

Dagmar’s next half hour on NBC 7 Down to Earth, Extinction Crisis Special will be released later this month. She provided a taste.

Following the lead of conservation experts, Midcap followed a pack of painted dogs by air and ground, received hands-on insight into the collar-laying process, and was part of an urgent search to save a dog with a trap wrapped around his neck.

Midcap came into contact with dozens of people who made a difference, but two key organizations that led his journey were Nkombe Rhino and Endangered Wildlife Trust. Both organizations are great resources for more information on how you can help save the Painted Dogs, or if you just want to learn more.

Remember these animals cannot save themselves, they need our help.

Down to Earth: The Extinction Crisis Special, Africa’s Last Wild Dogs airs November 25 at 9 p.m. ET


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