The winter collection “Every step counts” aims to raise awareness of endangered species


Baby Elephant Organic Wear CEO and Founder Aysha Almudahka (left) and partner Ieva Simkiene at the launch of their winter collection at M7 in Msheireb.

A winter collection “Every step counts” that raises awareness of endangered species in Qatar and the region was unveiled Thursday at M7 in Msheireb.
Speaking to The Peninsula, CEO and Founder of Baby Elephant Organic Wear, Aysha Almudahka, said the collection is “a showcase where every step counts, which means anything we do can change the narrative, and c is what we’re trying to send a message to. You can make changes and it’s all in your hands.
The winter collection offers a mini-me with parents, or a mix and match with adults and children. Every step counts is the name of the collection which focuses on three animals from the region. “We did research on this which is being kept by Qatar and the region.”
Almudahka referred to the Dugong, the Arabian Oryx and the Houbara. Dugongs are threatened with extinction because their food meadows are threatened by coastal development or industrial activities; if there is not enough seagrass to eat, they cannot live; also, they often become victims of bycatch.
The Arabian oryx, meanwhile, returned in 2011 to vulnerable status on the Red List of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, it was classified as endangered in 1986. And Houbara or a type of bird. The Ministry of Municipality and Environment in 2019 began to elevate the Houbara to avoid extinction.
The clothing line uses entirely organic for sustainability. It was Baby Elephant Organic who initiated the use of organic clothing in Qatar. “I think there is now a total awareness of sustainable fashion and looking at slow fashion instead of fast fashion is a complete change of mindset,” Almudahka said.
“We’re the first in Qatar to launch the first organic clothing, but now if you look at different stores, different designers, they’ve actually aligned or adjusted their business to sustainable or organic clothing. Five years ago it didn’t exist, very minimal, now people want to be a part of it and the change is happening, ”she explained.
For her part, Ieva Simkiene, partner of Baby Elephant Organic Wear, revealed that “we subtly present dugong, arab oryx and houbara in the designs as well as powerful messages in Arabic, such as’ the future is in my hands ”,“ Let’s be part of the solution, not a problem. ”
She added, “With this colorful collection, we’re aiming for people to make sustainable choices and to remember that sustainability can be supported by small, everyday decisions. “
The M7 pop-up store will operate throughout the winter season. It is also visible at Galeries Lafayette, 51 East and Harvey Nichols, and online via their website.


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