This unique new tool lets you track bird migration patterns where you live


If you like following birds, do yourself a favor and bookmark the website for BirdCasta website that combines migration data with real-time radar to predict the path of birds across the United States.

Think of it like tracking the weather. Except these are flocks of birds.

How is it different

Birds are always on the move, of course. But twice a year, many of them travel thousands of miles, often passing through your neighborhood for a few days at a time.

Long-time birders usually have to guess when a flock might pass locally. But now BirdCast is sharing actual migration predictions backed by real-time data, down to state and county levels.

BirdCast’s migration forecast maps even show predicted nighttime migration, just 3 hours after sunset. Maps are updated every 6 hours. And the data is legit: Colorado State University and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology produce the forecasts for BirdCast.

More BirdCast Features

  • Continental Maps of Migration Activity
  • Estimates of total migratory traffic, including direction, speed, etc., for any county or state in the contiguous United States
  • Lists of species likely to arrive near you
  • Local migration alerts
  • Historical data on past bird migrations

BirdCast was primarily created for the birdwatching community. But the designers also had another cause in mind. Each year, nearly a billion birds fly through buildings – a byproduct of light pollution in America’s cities. But armed with BirdCast’s bird migration data, building managers can make informed decisions about when to turn off lights and protect migrating birds. It looks like a win-win for us.

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