Three zoos welcome rare zebra foals into their herds

Zecora at the Utica Zoo with her filly, born in late July. © Utica Zoo

Two Hartmann’s mountain zebra foals and a Grévy’s zebra foal born in recent days are the latest births of rare species zebras in the world.

A newborn filly was born to Zecora at the Utica Zoo in New York on the last weekend of July, after a 12-month gestation. Zecora joined Utica last year, and the colt is the result of mating at his former home. The new arrival is doing well but is not yet on display.

The Hogle Zoo in Utah also welcomed a Hartmann’s mountain zebra foal. Poppy gave birth to a foal on July 23, the birth of which was filmed. The pair are on display in the zoo’s African Savanna exhibit.

Across the Atlantic in Britain, Marwell Zoo has announced the birth of an endangered Grevy’s zebra foal born in mid-July to first mum Khumba.

The Grevy are the largest species of zebra and are found in northern Kenya and southern Ethiopia, where there are currently thought to be fewer than 2000 in the wild.

Marwell is the only zoo in the UK to house all three species of zebra; Grevy’s, Hartmann’s Mountain and Plains, and he also holds the species herd book for Grevy’s and Hartmann’s mountain zebras.

Khumba and her new foal are part of the European ex-situ breeding program for the species and will hopefully help maintain a healthy captive population and preserve genetic diversity for the future. The sex of the foal is not yet known.

Grévy Khumba’s zebra mare with her new foal at Marwell Zoo. © Marwell Zoo


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