Upcoming events presented by Sourland Conservancy in January and February 2022


originally published: 12/30/2021

The Sourland Conservancy strives to protect the ecology of the Sourland Mountain region through stewardship of natural resources and advocacy through effective citizen action. Their organization promotes the use of best environmental management practices and raises awareness of cultural heritage through education and effective communications. They advocate for the preservation of the historic and ecological qualities of the Sourland Mountain region. Here is an overview of the upcoming events presented by the organization.

Thursday, January 13 at 7 p.m., Winter Seeding Workshop (in person at Hillsborough): Come and learn how to cultivate native plants! Participants will receive a hands-on demonstration and take home native seeds to grow beautiful plants at home. All materials are included in the registration fee. Participants will learn about cold stratification, the habitat requirements of these native plants and the animals they support. Led by Rachel Mackow, Co-Owner of Wild Ridge Plants, Carolyn Klaube, Director of Stewardship of Sourland Conservancy, and Laurie Cleveland, Executive Director of Sourland Conservancy. Registration costs $ 25, register via sourland.org/events/

Tuesday February 1 at 7:00 p.m., Amphibian brigadier training (virtual): Ensuring the survival of some of Sourland’s most important and fragile species. Help salamanders and other amphibians cross the road safely as they migrate to their native spring pools. On rainy evenings from late February to March, teams of local volunteers will act as “border guards” – slowing traffic, moving amphibians across the road and collecting migration data. Join this training to help with the migration, register via sourland.org/events/

Thursday, February 10 at 7 p.m. ABCs of Birdwatching in the Arid Lands: Winter Backyard Bird Identification (virtual): The Sourland region, designated by National Audubon as the Continental IBA (Important BirdArea) attracts many different birds each season. This lecture is a great way for novice birders to learn the basics of bird identification by studying those in their backyards. Information will be provided on how to safely attract and feed birds in your garden, and how you can become a Citizen Scientist by participating in the Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC) one week later! Register via sourland.org/events/

The Sourland Mountain Fest committee is looking for a co-chair and volunteers. Sourland MountainFest is one of Sourland Conservancy’s signature annual fundraising events, which we unfortunately haven’t been able to host in the past two years due to COVID. We are working hard to make the festival possible next year, but we need help. Do you know someone great at coordinating events / parties? Let us know! Please send a note to Suzanne Parsons SMF Chair, Sourland Mountain Festival via mountainfest@sourland.org with the subject line “SMF Co-Chair”. Discover the festival by visiting sourlandmountainfest.com

Join the stewardship team! Join us on the first and third Friday of each month to go out and do stewardship work across the Sourlands. Email sourlandstewards@sourland.org to let us know if you will be there and to confirm the location. Please wear sturdy shoes, thick gloves, and clothes that you don’t mind playing in the heather. If you have goggles, it would be a good idea to wear them in case you get pricked with a stick while working.

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Advertise with New Jersey Stage for $ 50 to $ 100 per month, click here for more information


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