Wildlife in Our Backyard – the Florida Wildlife Federation’s first film, premiering on Save the Florida Panther Day


The documentary captures the essence of Florida wildlife in six minutes: from wildlife connectivity and land conservation needs to endurance in an uplifting story of hope and coexistence.

Last year the Florida Wildlife Federation, in partnership with the fStop Foundation, installed cameras in Florida neighborhoods that have been recording wildlife images for 12 months. With a combination of video and photography captured by these backyard cameras, along with footage recorded by drones and provided by state agencies, the Federation produced its first original film, “Wildlife in Our Backyard.” .

The documentary was made as part of the “Share the landscape,” an initiative of the Florida Wildlife Federation to help educate the public about potential solutions to the conflict between development and conservation, led by Regional Policy Director Meredith Budd.

“Since 1936, the Florida Wildlife Federation has been a leader in advocating for policies that protect Florida’s wildlife and habitats and advance coexistence, but this is the first time in 85 years that we’ve launched a project like this one”, Budd said. “It’s important for us to educate younger generations as well as our longtime supporters about the realities wildlife face in our ever-changing state,” she added.

Land development in Florida is eroding and fragmenting wildlife habitats and disrupting migration corridors. This leads to population collapse and genetic isolation. With this initiative, the Federation intends to raise public awareness, educate Florida residents on the benefits of coexistence, as well as provide advice on land use planning, land sharing and the land use.

Vehicle collisions are the leading cause of reported deaths for the Florida panther. “Wildlife in Our Backyard” shows how roads bisecting panther habitats pose a significant risk to endangered species and how humans can help these panthers thrive in growing development.

“In terms of rare species, Florida is the hotspot in the eastern United States, and this diversity makes our state unique,” said Preston Robertson, president and CEO of the Florida Wildlife Federation. “We suffer from the highest rate of habitat loss because we have the highest rate of population growth in the region. Failing to recognize the importance of coexistence jeopardizes the future of wildlife, and I would say our future as well.

“Wildlife in Our Backyard” has been selected for screening at several film festivals in the United States and Canada. It is part of the official selection of Nature Without Borders International Film Festival 2021, Wildlife Conservation Film Festival 2021, Dunedin International Film Festival 2022, Central Florida CineFest 2021, Oregon Documentary Film Festival Winter 2022, Toronto Documentary Feature & Short Film Festival 2021, Colorado Environmental Film Festival 2022, Florida Environmental Film Festival 2021 and Cinema Verde Environmental Film & Arts Festival 2022. The film also received an honorable mention at the American Golden Picture International Film Festival 2021, won the “Best Sustainable Cities Film Award” at Sustainable Stories Film Fest 2021, as well as the “Exceptional Merit Award” at the Nature Without Borders Film Festival 2021.

The short is just one of many from “Share the Landscape”. Starting in early February, a social media campaign will launch the project, culminating in the online premiere of “Wildlife in Our Backyard” on Save the Florida Panther Day, March 19, 2022. Follow #sharethelandscape on Instagram at @FlWildFed and join the premiere on Youtube.

About the Florida Wildlife Federation

The Florida Wildlife Federation’s mission is to conserve Florida’s wildlife, habitats, and natural resources through education, advocacy, and scientific stewardship. We believe we need to protect, restore and connect our remaining wildlife habitats in a rapidly developing state and in the face of ongoing climate change. Additionally, we need to preserve water quality and quantity, as clean water is of critical importance to humans and wildlife.

For more information, please visit Florida Wildlife Federation.

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