Wildlife photography calendar shows threat to species


A calendar of WILDLIFE photographs has been published by a new environmental group in Goring.

The 2022 calendar, titled The Natural World in the Goring Gap, aims to raise awareness of the significant loss of biodiversity of birds and other animals in the region and beyond.

Profits will go to Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust, which manages nature reserves including Hartslock in Goring.

Seventy percent of the animals on the calendar are on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red or Orange lists, which means they are threatened with extinction or decline.

The photographs were provided free of charge by wildlife photographers, including Steve Gozdz, who runs Goring Gap Wildlife Experiences.

The last page of the A3 size calendar lists information on the 26 species presented, including their conservation status.

The calendar is the first project of the Goring Gap Environment Organization, which was put together by villager Ron Bridle.

It will support local conservation projects and set up a “knowledge hub” on the natural world. Mr Bridle said the number of species at risk on the calendar showed the need for the community to help protect and enhance their habitats and ecosystems.

The calendar costs £ 8 and is available at Goring stores or you can order it directly from Mr Bridle on 07789 871620 or by email at robbridle@btinternet.com

There is a shipping cost of £ 3.20.


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